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Xlent Body Health Series – Everyday Exercise Safety Tips for Kids


It is estimated that over 3 million kids suffer injuries when exercising, whether it’s running, bike riding, or becoming overheated due to overexertion. In an effort to avoid any injuries, kids need to follow safety guidelines when involved in any form of rigorous or playful exercises.

Running: Stretching exercises should be performed to prepare the body for any type of physical activity. In addition, kids should cool down after each activity.

Bike Riding: Wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads will protect kids from serious injury if they fall off or have a collision while riding.

Sports: When playing any type of sport, proper gear should be worn to protect kids from injury, including helmets, and knee and elbow pads. Notice should be taken to ensure the playground or park is in ideal condition for kids to play, as well as any equipment utilized in parks such as swings, monkey bars, teeter-totters, and other stationary equipment which kids utilize.

Dehydration: When running or engaging in any sport, drinking water should be a primary concern so that kids do not overheat and/or pass out from heat exhaustion.

Health: Before any kids begin exercise routines or participate in sports, it is a good idea to have them checked by a physician to ensure they are physically able to exercise in any form. Some kids may be limited due to conditions such as asthma.

Supervision: Kids who play in parks or on sports teams require supervision, that is, a parent or sports doctor who can assist an injured child while, at the same time, ensuring the kids are having a good time.

Exercising can be a fun activity, but oftentimes kids may not realize they are overexerting themselves and can run into a problem. More importantly, they may feel invincible when taking on an exercise such as bike riding or team sports and not wear the proper equipment. Encouraging kids to exercise and participate in sports is important, but teaching them the proper way to do it, without injury, is paramount.


Source by Owen Stobbe

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