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Guidelines For Publishing Contents

  • The content of the guest post must be free of mistakes and plagiarism.
  • Ensure that your facts, grammar, and spelling are accurate.
  • Minimum 600 words.
  • At least 300 words on one link and 600 words on two links must be included in the guest post’s content.
  • Stay away from spam and broken links in the content.
  • Send only relevant and non-promotional images for guest posts.
  • Send a featured image that is appealing as well. The featured image should have a minimum file storage size of 100 KB and a standard size of (650 x 450) pixels.
  • Do not send adult content, spam, copyrighted material, or duplicate content. We will not accept this kind of content.
  • Content for guest posts must be pertinent to our target markets or categories. We don’t publish categories that are unrelated.