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Why Do You Need to Hire an Editor?

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If you are new to the world of writing, then you might very well be asking yourself this question. Perhaps you have labored intensively over your manuscript and you are sure that there are no spelling errors, grammatical errors and you know that all of the punctuation is correct. So why do you need an editor?

That is a very valid question, since hiring an editor will cost you both time and money.

Here are a few good reasons why you should seriously consider hiring an editor for your manuscript.

When you hire an editor, you up the chances that your book will become a hit. Its a little like actors and their team of professional make up artists. Actors never do their own make up and hair, in fact they look as bad as I do first thing in the morning. But with a team of pros to make them look good, they are really hot.

In a similar way, your editor makes your book a super star. They make sure that all of you books blemishes are airbrushed away, making them smooth and flawless to read.

An editor does more than just check for grammar ans spelling mistakes. They also make sure that your plot is solid with no unexplained parts that would detract from the story. They make sure that your character remains steady and consistent. They double check to make sure that your people act consistently.

This is very important because, the truth is, there are way too many books out there. If your work of art is going to stand a chance, then you need to polish it until it shines, and the polish is your editor. All too often, first time book writers decide to skip the editing process by doing it themselves. This is especially the case when money is tight or the budget is non existent.

Opting for a self edit is a really bad choice, since our own flaws are often very difficult, if not impossible to see. When you read your own book, the flaws suddenly become invisible.

Don’t ask a friend to read it for you either. Since they are your friend, they will often be as blind to your mistakes as you are.

To sum it up, and editor is you make up artist and your hair spray. Your editor is your critic and your spell check. You can’t live without your underwear, can you? Well, you book can’t live without your hiring an editor to polish its professional image.


Source by Penelope Diaz

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