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What Information Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Oprah


Oprah Winfrey tops the Forbes list of the 100 Richest People in Hollywood. In the 2006 to 2007 financial year, she made $260 million dollars – more than Steven Spielberg, Madonna and Tom Hanks combined.

Want to know the secret to Oprah’s success?

It’s conversations.

Think about it.

Every show, Oprah interviews people she believes her audience would find interesting. Actors, rock stars and authors are her guests. As a result, people watch in droves.

What can you learn from Oprah’s approach to entertainment?Well, you don’t have to be a so-called “expert” to attract an audience. What you can do is do is what she does so well – interview the experts instead. Interviewing people is the backbone of my business. It’s the reason 100s of people visit my website each day. There they can download (many for free) any one of over 157 hours of audio interviews that I have conducted with a variety of marketing and business experts.

Want to know the interesting thing? I’m not an expert on any of the topics that I have interviewed people about. All I do is interview people I think my subscribers would be interested in, and record those interviews.

It’s not hard to do. I started my business with a phone and tape recorder. I still use a phone and a tape recorder – only it’s now digital, and much easier to use (you can pick one up at Radio Shack for about $50).

If you’re struggling to find an information product to market on the internet consider the interview approach.

It’s worked for Oprah. It’s worked for me. It can work for you too.


Source by Michael Senoff

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