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Important Facts About Dachshund Adoption and Rescue

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If you are considering getting a dachshund, then you should seriously consider these facts about dachshund adoption and rescue. Adopting a dog is one of the best ways to add a new family member while helping out a dog that may really need you. Besides the fact that dog adoption saves lives, there are plenty of benefits to getting a dachshund from a shelter.

Dachshund adoption is an excellent way to find a wonderful addition to your family, and there are a number of reasons why an adopted dachshund is every bit as good as a dachshund purchased from a breeder. For starters, it’s less expensive. Pure bred dogs obtained directly from the breeder can be really expensive, but adopted dogs are very low-priced and frequently even free. And adoption doesn’t always mean you won’t get a purebred dog. Approximately 25 percent of adopted dachshunds are pure bred.

Mixed breeds are not the enemy, however. In fact, many dachshund mixes still carry many of the most popular dachshund traits, including their unusual “hotdog” shape, small size and friendly personality. There are other benefits to owning a mixed breed dog as well. It is a known fact that in-breeding can cause defects in pure bred dogs, but this will not happen with a dachshund mix. Mixed breeds are also one-of-a-kind and this is frequently a positive trait. No one else will have the same dog as you!

Another benefit of dachshund adoption is that rescued dogs are usually a little bit older. That means you don’t have to deal with any of the puppy problems. Yes, puppies are cute and cuddly, but they also come with a year or more of high energy and potential destruction. Puppies are not potty trained and habitually chew on furniture and other valuables. Adopted dogs are frequently potty trained already, and they have outgrown their teething phase so they rarely damage or destroy your stuff. And they don’t nip or bite either, which is especially important for families with children.

In cases when an adopted dog still needs some training, adoption is still a great option when the dog is no longer a puppy. Older dogs are easier to train because they have a longer attention span. They are also more likely to obey since they are not totally consumed with the desire to jump, run and play.

Perhaps the most important fact about adopting a dachshund is the lifelong bond that arises between an owner and a dog that has been rescued from a shelter. Of course, there is no proof, but adopted dog owners often say that their new pet seems to have some level of understanding about the adoption. It is as if the dog knows their adoption saved their life, and they are grateful as long as they live.


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