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Abeka Curriculum – What is it and Should I Use It?


Abeka curriculum is certainly very popular and well known. It appeals to parents because there are teacher manuals and textbooks for each subject. Although it is very thorough and a great base for those beginning home schooling, there are some pitfalls you need to watch out for.

Lots of reading – If your child likes to read books and textbooks, Abeka should be fine for you. Be aware that some students burn out on it because of the quantity and quality of reading material.

Created for schools – Abeka curriculum is used in many Christian schools and is designed to be used in a classroom setting. If you are looking for a school-at-home curriculum, then this might be just the program you are looking for. They have a strong math and phonics program an is Christian-based. Biblical principles are interwoven throughout the textbooks.

Accelerated – If your child is an average student for the grade that you use, Abeka might be too difficult for them. Most of their curriculum is a grade level above the public school standards.

You can find their booths at many home school conventions as well as at many hotels throughout the country where they have displays and meetings. Parents like it because it tells you what to say in the teacher manuals. If you like to teach as a parent and not as a classroom teacher, you might want to adapt the curriculum or choose something more in your style of teaching.

Abeka curriculum is a well known homeschool program that uses Christian values and Biblical principles to teach your child what they need to know. They offer all subjects required by schools along with Bible. As with any book or curriculum choices you will want to weigh your child’s learning style and your teaching style to make sure you make wise curriculum/book choices that will give you a great homeschooling year.


Source by Heidi Johnson

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