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How Can a Better Writing Software Help You Write Better?


A dedicated better writing software can help you write better through checking your work in terms of the essentials. Such essentials include grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow and the correct use of adjectives and verbs. Spell check and grammar helpers in programs like Microsoft Word can be helpful but they lack sophistication or let mistakes go by. On the other hand, a spell checker in a dedicated better writing software will be able to spot errors that a standard spell checker will usually miss.

We now have better writing software that is designed to improve spelling, grammar and style. It can be used with a word processor. You can do this just be hitting F2. A new window will open with your text and you will see the software’s suggestions. You will be offered a series of options that are colour-coded. This will be according to whether it’s your spelling that has gone wrong, grammar that needs to be corrected or your style that’s a little flat or too casual.

Unlike standard word processors, a dedicated better writing software would be language-specific. This means that even though it’s a piece of American software, it knows when color is wrong, for instance. A comprehensive built in thesaurus as well as a dictionary enables a better writing software to do this.

If you are not sure of what you’re writing, the better writing software would be of great help. It would be able to offer you reassurance, brief explanation or correction quickly and simply. It is able to pick up more mistakes than a word processor spotting missing prepositions or sloppy usage and grammar. For instance, it is good at inserting a full stop when you forget – the kind of error that passes unnoticed easily at the proof reading stage, too. Additionally, it offers the missing word if it can guess it. However, if you have left out something important that isn’t guessable, it highlights it with the phrase “Missing Word” to alert you.

Like Word, the dedicated better writing software will suggest a correction when you accidentally capitalise two letters at the start of the word. The added benefit is that  includes contextual spelling to know, for example,when you mean except and when accept.

The good thing is that a dedicated better writing software comes in a generic version that is great for all types of writing. Where needed, there are more specific versions available. There is much more that a dedicated better writing can do. Read on and be pleasantly surprised.

Here is some of what else you will get with a dedicated better writing software:

* Grammar checker: Advanced English Grammar Correction. Detect and correct tricky grammar errors.8 * Punctuation Checker: Improve readability with accurate punctuation.

* Error Explanations: Learn from your mistakes with error explanations and English lessons!

* Style Checker: Improve your sentences, vocabulary, and writing style.

* Text enrichment: relevant adjectives and adverbs

* Spell checker: Fix typos and difficult to spell words.

* Proofreading tool in one click!

* Thesaurus synonyms: to expand your vocabulary

* Letter Templates: Start writing with over 600 letter templates.

* Advanced Dictionary-Thesaurus: Get accurate word definitions, synonyms, and idiomatic phrases

* Artificial Intelligence Technology

Need a specific version? How about:

1. Business Writing: For professional business writing

2. Creative Writing: For artistic and creative writing

3. Hi-Tech Writing: For hi-tech and IT professionals

4. Biotech Writing: For precise medical reports

5. Executive Package: The complete writing package


Source by Azhar Devaraj Victor

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