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Alexandrite Gemstones

The Chrysoberyl mineral family includes the extremely rare variety of gemstone known as alexandrite. The most valuable gemstone in the world is called Alexandrite, after the Czar of Russia, Alexander II. This alluring stone is renowned for showing a distinct color-change effect that heightens the gemstone’s beauty.

Meaning of Alexandrite Stone

June’s birthstone, alexandrite, also serves as a symbol of a couple’s fifty-fifth wedding anniversary. This gemstone is suggested by astrologers for Cancer signs. Real Alexandrite stone can be worn by Leo, Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo ascendants. The Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra are just a few of the important body chakras that this healing gemstone opens.

Benefits of Alexandrite Stone

For its potent healing abilities, metaphysical powers, and widespread use in crystal healing therapies, alexandrite stone is highly regarded. It is renowned for keeping the physical and spiritual worlds in perfect harmony. Wearing this gorgeous Alexandrite, the birthstone for June, has some additional exceptional advantages.

Benefits for Physical Health

The stone alexandrite is renowned for its wonderful therapeutic properties. For those with conditions and illnesses affecting the nervous system and reproductive organs, it is quite helpful. This gem heals neck muscle inflammation and regenerates neurological tissues. It strengthens the pituitary and pineal glands and aids in easing the leukemia symptoms. Real Alexandrite stone has a potent detoxifying effect that stimulates the liver to function at its best.

Benefits of Emotional Healing

Natural Alexandrite stone promotes emotional maturity and encourages the wearer to pay attention to their feelings. It helps the wearer maintain their willpower and encourages them to accept change and any accompanying emotional difficulties. The Heart Chakra is balanced by Alexandrite crystal, which is particularly helpful in Chakra healing therapies. It soothes feelings of being directionless and sparks an interest in pursuing a rewarding career.

Flows with Positive Energy

The birthstone alexandrite helps people think positively and keeps negativity away from their bodies and minds. It gives people a sense of self-worth, brings luck, and is viewed as a very good omen. The charm’s potent and shielding properties keep the wearer safe and shielded from harm and negative energy.

Enhances Intellectual & Creativity Powers

Many astrologers thought that the Alexandrite gemstone was ruled by the planet Mercury because of its lovely blue-green hue. This seductive gem helps the wearer overcome confusion, creative blocks, and poor judgement by counteracting Mercury’s negative effects. The benefits of an alexandrite stone include improving one’s mental faculties, which ultimately encourages one to make wise and successful decisions in life.

Promotes Professional Success: Among the various benefits of Alexandrite stone, success in business and career is one of the most significant benefits. It benefits the wearer to overcome professional instability and struggle for recognition. Fame, good luck, and prosperity are believed to be bestowed on the wearer of this rare gemstone.

Encourages professional achievement

One of the most important benefits of Alexandrite stone is success in business and in one’s career. It helps the wearer get past their struggles with acceptance and unstable careers. Wearers of this precious stone are said to receive fame, good fortune, and prosperity.

Superiority of Alexandrite Stone

Gem Experts claim that the Alexandrite effect or the brilliant color-change effect is the main reason why a Chrysoberyl should consider Alexandrite. However, this gemstone’s quality is also determined by other factors, and by using these criteria, it is possible to assess the gemstone’s worth, character, and authenticity. These are some of the criteria:

Gemstone Alexandrite Origin

For quite some time, the only source of large and exceptional quality Alexandrite’s was the Ural region of Russia. Since Russia is the world’s leading producer of the finest and highest quality alexandrite, its products are extremely valuable. Additionally, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka all have excellent examples of Alexandrite stone (Burma). The second-most sought-after variety of alexandrite is found in India and Brazil, and it is considerably less expensive than alexandrite from Russia.

Color of Alexandrite gemstone

The Alexandrite effect is the name for the color-shifting phenomenon that is seen in Alexandrite, which is frequently described as “Emerald” by day and “Ruby” at night. Under natural daylight, the color appears blue-green, and under yellow artificial light, it appears red/purplish-red or brownish-red. The cost and quality of Alexandrite stones depend on how strongly the colors change. Alexandrite is more valuable when the intensity and consistency of color are higher. Compared to Russian Alexandrite, the Sri Lankan Alexandrite has less uniform color.

Clarity of Alexandrite gemstone

A transparent gemstone with Type II clarity, alexandrite exhibits obvious inclusions and flaws. Inclusions in Alexandrite can take the form of rutile, multi-phase inclusions, hollow tubes, and fingerprints. The quality of the Alexandrite can be significantly impacted if these inclusions are present and readily apparent to the naked eye. Faceted Alexandrite gemstones with admirable transparency and minimal flaws that can be seen with the naked eye are uncommon, and their price rises as a result. The price of Alexandrite stones rises when certain specimens exhibit chatoyancy or a cat’s eye effect.

Alexandrite Gemstone Cut

Alexandrite is frequently cut into mixed shapes like brilliant-cut crowns and step-cut pavilions. Due to its scarcity, alexandrite is typically faceted into triangular or kite shapes, though some specimens have concentric rows of parallel facets. Although it becomes difficult for gem cutters to give Alexandrite a flawless cut in order to demonstrate the strongest color-change effect.

Carat weight of the gemstone Alexandrite

Over one carat of an excellent quality Alexandrite stone is extremely rare and expensive. Jewelers prefer Alexandrite that is lightweight and small in size in the jewelry industry.

Price of Alexandrite Stone

The origin, color, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate a stone has will all affect its carat price. The price of Alexandrite can range from INR 35,000 ($480) per carat to INR 6,00,000 ($8280) per carat and even more depending on the quality combination mentioned. This lovely and charming gemstone is a perfect option for everyone thanks to its magnificent beauty, exceptional luster, loupe-clean clarity, and exceptional color-change effect.

Genuine, natural Alexandrite stone can be bought from reputable vendors. For astrological and jewelry uses, purchase Alexandrite gemstones that are 100% natural, genuine, unheated, and untreated.

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