Ametrine Gemstone

Natural, semi-precious ametrine is a gemstone with two colours that belongs to the quartz mineral family. It is thought to be a combination of amethyst and citrine, with purple and orange bands on the crystal. This gemstone is recommended by Vedic astrology as a replacement for Pitambari Neelam and is also worn as a healing gemstone.

Who should wear Ametrine stone?

According to Indian astrologers, wearing an ametrine gemstone will help you tap into Jupiter and Saturn’s positive energies.

For the Kumbha (Aquarius) rashi, Vedic astrologers recommend an ametrine gem. After consulting with a primary gem expert, it can also be worn by other zodiac signs.

According to Western astrology, the birthstones for Pisces and Sagittarius are ametrine.
Ametrine is a potently healing gemstone that is worn to alleviate depression, promote inspiration, and enhance concentration.

Benefits of Ametrine

Ametrine is a beautiful and distinctive gemstone that supposedly combines the metaphysical qualities of amethyst and citrine. The words AMEThyst and citRine were combined to create the term “Ametrine.” This stunning bi-color quartz is worn for its therapeutic properties and is frequently marketed as “Bolivianite” and “Trystine.”

Brings Happiness & Fortune

Since ancient times, ametrine gem wearers have relied on it to aid in letting go of anxious thoughts and to foster inner tranquilly. The optimistic and concentrating energies of this gemstone help the wearer.

Boosts Creative Ideas & Thoughts

Astrologers have a strong belief in the metaphysical abilities of ametrine to inspire the wearer’s creative thinking and intellect. People who experience mental blockage and lack of inspiration benefit from wearing amethyst stones. People who work in the arts are thought to benefit greatly from it because it stimulates the intellect.

Soothes Nerves & Relaxes Mind

This bicolor quartz is thought to contain the curative qualities of Citrine and Amethyst. Calms Nerves & Relaxes Mind. For those suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders, astrologers highly recommend this gemstone. The healing properties of ametrine can also help people who have addictive tendencies.

Treats Chronic Illnesses

Ametrine is a gemstone that has a reputation in medical astrology for curing people with severe, chronic disorders. Therefore, it is strongly advised to wear it if you have any respiratory conditions, arthritis, or muscular pain.

Alternative Health Care

According to alternative healing modalities, the ametrine gemstone has many well-known advantages, including detoxification, mental clarity, and improved spiritual awareness. Additionally, it is worn to strengthen willpower and enhance meditative abilities.

Ametrine Cost

The main reasons people wear ametrine are for its astrological and therapeutic properties. It is a rare but very affordable gemstone. The origin, colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight of an ametrine stone are the main factors that affect its price. Price ranges for ametrine stones in India range from 150 rupees per carat ($3 approximately) to 1,000 rupees per carat ($15 approximately). Depending on the demand/supply cycle, prices in other nations, such as Dubai, the UK, the USA, and the UAE, may vary.


In comparison to stones from other origins, Anahi ametrine value continues to be the highest variety. Ametrine crystal from Brazil and India is much less expensive than Anahi ametrine due to its lower transparency and paler hue.


The most important factor that increases value the most is color. Stones with distinct bands of deep, vivid orange and purple color fetch a good premium. For stones with light or barely perceptible color bands, the price of ametrine gemstone decreases.


There is very little chance of purchasing an ametrine that is not eye-clean because ametrines are typically found in good clarity. Ametrine with a high degree of transparency and few eye-visible inclusions is always in high demand. When ametrine is found in highly included gems with poor transparency, the price per carat drops significantly.


Due to the waste generated during cutting, a gemstone’s price can rise by up to 20%. Ametrines with many facets always have a higher value than ametrines that are round or oval. Asscher cuts, cushion cuts, and other fancy cuts require additional care and good lapidary (gem cutting) skills, so they are frequently very expensive.

Weight in carats

Gemstones made of ametrine come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, larger stones are always worth much more than smaller ones because their color bands are more obvious. Ametrine’s price per carat rises with size, but not as sharply as it does for expensive gemstones.

Ametrine Quality

Numerous characteristics, such as the gemstone’s origin, distinct dual color (orange and purple), clarity, and cut, define the quality of ametrine. The best quality ametrine gemstone, in terms of astrology, is a naturally occurring, highly transparent, bright-colored stone with distinct color bands.


The quartz mines of eastern Bolivia (Santa Cruz), some regions of Brazil, Uruguay, and India are sources of ametrine crystals. The oldest and best source of the highest quality ametrine natural gems, also known as Anahi ametrines, is the Anahi mine in Bolivia. After Bolivian ametrine, Brazilian ametrine is the second most popular option.


Ametrine crystal quality is largely influenced by its color. Two distinct bands of orange and purple color are typically present. Ametrine stones with equally proportionate shades of orange and purple are exceptionally rare and expensive. Ametrine that is light in color and has subtle color bands is of lower quality.


Ametrine is a Type II gemstone with inclusions, just like other quartz varieties. These inclusions, including tiger strips, liquid inclusions, internal fractures, and needle-like hematite inclusions, frequently affect the stone’s color. However, eye-cleaning ametrines can also be found, though they are less frequent. It goes without saying that the best ametrines are always extremely transparent and have few if any inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye.


Ametrine gemstones that have been expertly faceted always appear more brilliant, lustrous, and transparent. To maintain their color and weight, low-quality ametrine stones are typically shaped as cabochons (dome-shaped, polished stones without facets). The most well-liked and sought-after ametrines, with a 50/50 ratio of the orange and purple color bands, come in rectangular or emerald shapes and are constantly in high demand.

Ametrines of the highest quality are typically obtained from Bolivia’s Anahi mine in Santa Cruz. The ametrines from the Anahi mines have the best clarity and a deep, rich purple and orange hue, which is very hard to find in stones from other origins. The famous name “Anahi ametrines” refers to the stones extracted from the Anahi mines.

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