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You Need Personal Development To Deserve Money


Your bank account is a reflection of your attitude; the way you

think and the way you act is a direct reflection on what you get

in your life, if you are a negative person, I am sure there is a

“-” in front of your bank balance. Personal development is what

you can do to be in a position to deserve money.

Negative Attitude = Negative Bank Balance

(Credit Card Debt, Overdrawn Bank Accounts, etc)

Positive attitude = Positive Bank Balance

(Cash and Investment Rich, Donate Money, Cars & House Paid For)

Think about people that you know; do the people without money

have a very happy existence? Are they un-happy because they do

not have money, or do you think that they do not have money

because they are un-happy?

There is a huge misconception that you have to have money to be

happy, when it fact you have to be happy to have money!

You are in fact rewarded for your attitude; the more you come to

appreciate yourself and honour your own values, the happier you

will be. The happier you are the more money you will have. It

is that simple.

The trick is getting you attitude in check.

Personal development will help you identify your core values.

Once this is done you will be able to set some goals around what

is important to you. When you are setting out to attain your

goals, happiness comes as a result of pursuing your interests.

When you are happy about what you are doing, money comes as a

result, 100 out of 100 times.

Look for a personal development “Program”, not just a book or a

tape; a program will bring you through a learning curve about

your inner self. Believe it or not, it takes time to discover

who you are, usually about 90 days.

These programs are not cheap, but they are worth every penny

because the money you spend on it will make you more committed

to following through on the 90 days. If it was free, you

probably would do nothing with it. So spend some good money and

make some sacrifices to do it and you will be in a state of “I

expect to see results for the money I spent” and you will be

more likely to follow through.

In a nutshell, happiness is a choice, so if you are wanting to

learn how to have a better attitude and attract wealth into your

life, make the decision to change.

Because YOU Deserve Money!

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Source by Greg Nicholls

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