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Women’s Health and Beauty – The Importance of Using Quality Skin Care Products Daily

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Just how important is skin care to the average woman?

I believe that many women do not think a lot about the importance of keeping their skin hydrated, healthy, clean and protected from UV damage.

I know many women who still use only soap and water to cleanse their face. Using only soap and water strips your skin of important protective layers that can lead to your skin looking older than it should. There are also many women who put on grocery store face creams that do nothing more than clog their pores. The women who use these products are believing the creams are helping but many of the ingredient’s molecules are too large for our skins pores to get down into our skin where the hydration is needed; the cream ends up just sitting on or very near to the surface of our face. It is most apparent when you use a heavier, greasier type skin care product you still feel it on your skin even after 10 minutes or so.

Yes there are some face and skin care products that are excellent, some are very expensive, some work, some do not. some have chemicals in them, some are organic; the selection is endless. What does a women do? — they go to facial parties, use coupons, grab the prettiest bottle on the shelf, ask their friends what they use, research, buy products on line.

It can get expensive and frustrating to keep trying different brands some of the products will get used and others will wind up sitting in the cupboard, some get old and the ingredients break down and have to be thrown away.

When it is all said and done no wonder women just use soap and water, it is so much easier.

Some women also use too many products each day and that can get very expensive.

To possibly help narrow down some of the choices I feel it is important to find a product that hydrates your face, feels smooth to the touch, lessens wrinkles, is easy to put on, feels good when going on, is not greasy or heavy feeling, is affordable, and something that you love using each day.

I do believe that face cream should not contain alcohol or any drying ingredients, chemicals, coloring or products that may make your face break out and the product can be used by all skin types. The product should be safe enough for everyone to use no matter what type of skin you have.

It is important, however, to use the product/products each day to get the best benefit. Also the group of products if you choose to use a skin care system should compliment each other and work together. As you use each product it builds on helping your skin to be healthy and radiant with each product that you use.

If you are not seeing results in 30 days or less, then you may need to reevaluate if the facial products you are using are right for you and your skin.

I recently conducted a such a test for 30 days where I put a skin care system on only half of my face to see how long it took me to see a difference and boy did I ever. The lines on my face were quite diminished, my jaw line tightened, the bags under my eyes lessened and my cheeks looked so much more radiant. If I had just put it on my whole face I might not have seen how amazing the product I was using really was. I am now using it on my whole face hoping the other side catches us.

Diet, nutrition and water play an important part in how are skin looks and feels also.

In conclusion price is not always a good indicator of a good facial product, neither is the packaging, TV radio commercials, magazine or store reps. It is important to learn a little about our skin, what is good for our skin, what helps it to be hydrated, glowing, and will protect it from UV damage and help it to be soft like baby skin (yes it is possible). There are skin care products on the market that are very affordable and do a superior job in keeping our skin healthy and radiant looking.

If you are interested in the skin care system I am using and what to know where I get it email me at


Source by Kathleen Hoagland

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