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Will You Be the Rock That Redirects the Course of the River?

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“Will you be the rock that redirects the course of the river?” is a quote that I came across made by Claire Nuer. The reason I think this resounded with me is because I was also listening to the Discovery Series this week and one of the Luminaries was discussing the power of water. We might take a big bat and hit water with such force but to no avail and a sore arm is probably the only outcome that would result. The water is just disturbed temporarily and goes back to flowing in its direction of choice without acknowledging you. The power of the water is tremendous individually. The real strength of water is that we may able to harness the power but never control it.

If we were able to harness the power that we have within us we would be more phenomenal. The secret to our success lies deep down inside of us dormant. The wonderful thing about something being dormant is that it has the potential to come alive. One of best way to access it is through self empowerment and personal development. The limiting beliefs that we have will not go away without learning new skills and knowledge. The belief system that we live our daily live by are from years of negative conditioning. We must systematically reach inside ourselves and reverse this state of being. It is never too late to make that transformation. The most influential people in the World always credit personal development as a reason for his or her success. We can choose to be the rock that redirects the direction of our lives or continue to watch the water return to its original state as if our brief interference of its path did not phase it.


Source by Shirland Carrington

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