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Why Collective Intelligence is an Oxy-Moron

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Many people think that a group can outperform an individual, sometimes we see this is the case, as we watch popular TV Shows like; “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” where the contestant gets to poll the audience, of course realize the questions are trivia based and any given amount of people might know the answer. But alas the demonstration of the intelligence of the collective is a trick for in most cases it does not work that way.

For instance take a committee, supposedly two heads are better than one and supposedly many people in a committee are better than one, but whereas they may be able to accomplish more by dividing up the work load the decisions they reach are most often not as good as that of the individual who comes to solutions 50 times faster.

Many people believe that the individual is dead, no this simply is not so, for I am still here and still watching the failings of Congress, Committees and Groups of thinkers screw up things and cause the never ending law of unintended consequences to rear its head and eat their plans.

The devil is not in the details unless those details are sitting in Congress or a committee. Committee members ask; How will “we” meet this challenge, seeming to point to the one with the answers, still the committee seeks the solutions of the individual and then takes the credit for his intelligence.

When and if the committee ever does actually come to a group decision, you can bet it is amongst the worst possible decision on that subject that could possibly be made. Although the committee claims intellectual superiority, they are the ones asking the questions, not the individual with self-esteem to burn and strength of character to carry on.

Read what I am saying, feel the power, know the strength and see the results, I can taste the difference, can you hear me now? Because I see YOU, the individual and I like what I see, sure beats the hind end of a member of another committee.


Source by Lance Winslow

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