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Why Are There Different Bible Translations?


As Christians who go to church as much as we can, I can’t help but wonder myself about different versions of the Bible. Perhaps, it would have been better off for the whole world to use a single translation as it was the case of old? No one knows for sure! God has indeed blessed his Word in the King James versions over many centuries. However, studying the Bible is all about meditating deeply on the scriptures, and you can only meditate on the subject when you have a good understanding of what you have read. Outlined below are a few reasons why it is essential for us to have various Christian translations for the Bible.

A better understanding

It is more important to have a deep understanding of any scripture than merely knowing how the words are arranged. Preachers should know better! Cross-referencing a particular scripture with various translations gives a better insight into what that scripture is saying. Otherwise, what would be the benefit of reading out scripture from an adorable King James Version, and eventually, nobody understands what you just read. So if you need to get a bible passage well-interpreted to whoever you are sharing with, then you’ll need to read at least two translations for a richer insight. Some people go as far as reading foreign translations to help better their understanding of a Bible passage; making Christian translators come in handy now and then.

The Word is for everyone

The main reason why we need to bother ourselves with the word of God is for us to know the mind of God towards us. It means that if the word of God is limited to specific translations, then the Bible would not be for everybody. Preferably, God ensures that the interpretation of the Bible is inspired in as many languages as possible. As long as people keep moving from one place to another in search of a better life, new languages are bound to set in. Hence, the only way the word of God can get to everybody is to ensure a Christian translation of the Bible in all the possible languages.

For better readability

You will only dedicate your time to read what you enjoy reading. This is where readability comes into the equation of bible translations. Bible translations like the Good New Bible, Revised Standard Version, and Amplified Version are gaining a huge fan base compared to their King James counterpart. You wonder why? The answer is simple – these versions are easier to read and understand. Hence, there will be more for Christians to gain when they study the bible with translations that are easier to understand. Many Christians today don’t practice what they see in the Bible because they don’t understand the passages 100%.


Source by Michael Yuric

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