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What is Quantum Enlightenment?


Enlightenment feels as though you’ve just woken up from a long sleep. You feel more alive than you ever have. Interesting enough, it seems like no time has past at all. As all time (past, future and now) exists in the Now. All questions about time have been answered.

Every breath you take is an exhilaration of the Divine. The bliss which exudes and emanates from your soul seems like an expulsion of Suns which are continuously bursting in billions and billions of more suns. The Suns are so radiant in their full glory and expression, to attempt to articulate the quality negates the purity of even one burst of the suns grandeur.

Enlightenment is when you see every person, place or thing as yourself. Enlightenment is when you are totally connected with everything.

Enlightenment is when you see everything inclusive of you.

Enlightenment is when you have the deepest reverence, respect and love for all life.

Enlightenment is when you have the deepest compassion for any one suffering, yet you’re are lovingly detached as you know it’s a beloved illusion.

Enlightenment is when you send the highest aspect of love to the one suffering.

Enlightenment is giving up the need to prove anything by the mind. In fact, the mind will only get one so far in the attempt of enlightenment. Eventually one has to go beyond the mind, and take an unknown leap to unfamiliar territory. While the territory seems unfamiliar, when the ocean of Grace and Love washes one soul, there are no words for explanation. Words become useless as one basked in the love which is more profound than anything experience on earth.

What’s amazing about this Grace, it’s beyond any Grace conceivable to man or woman. The Grace is so profound it cannot be put into words. The Grace is so encompassing, the nature of it’s mere mercy and compassion can not be measure on a scientific scale. The deep peace and grace must be experience in meditation to even capture a fraction of this beautiful description.

Enlightenment is feeling the expulsion of energy which reverberates from each soul which transfigures into various forms of light at varying degrees of light vibrations, which then explodes into brilliant suns, which far exceed any dimension the mind could comprehend. The beautiful process of the brilliant beams of light always flicker, emanate, oscillate at speeds unknown to the human mind. One must experience this within to understand the true essence of Awakening.

Meditation is so wonderful. To experience this unyielding bliss, all one has to do to do is silence the mind, surrender and be still.

Tracy Quantum


Source by Tracy L Dyson

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