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Walleye Fishing Reels – Secrets For More Fish


The best reels for Walleye fishing will vary depending on which angler you talk to. Each angler has their own favorite for personal and very good reasons, and all good Walleye reels have a lot of characteristics in common.

There are some things you can look for to ensure that you get a quality Walleye reel that can stand up to long days of fishing and still perform well.

The line capacity, drag, gear ratio, ball bearing, spools, and retriever location are all factors that should be examined before choosing a quality Walleye reel.

The line capacity of a reel is important if you are looking for quality Walleye fishing equipment.

There should be sufficient line capacity to hold all the line needed to give you good results and effective performance. For many anglers this is usually 125 feet, but some anglers may prefer more.

Determine what line capacity the reel has so that you can determine if this specific reel is right for you.

A good Walleye fishing reel will have the correct gear ratio for your personal requirements.

The gear ratio is the incoming line speed for every revolution of the crank on the reel. Low gear ratios work better in deeper waters, while high gear ratios indicate good shallow water use.

Determine what depth you normally fish for Walleye at, and choose the correct gear ratio reel to satisfy you. If you are fishing under twenty five feet, a good gear ratio would be 5.1:1 or somewhere close to this ratio.

The drag of your Walleye reel is important as well. Choose a reel that allows smaller adjustments on the drag. The drag should be easily adjustable, not hard or complex, no matter what type or strength of line you use for fishing.

The drag should be smooth, not rough or jerky. It’s important that the Walleye reel you choose has the proper drag and ability to adjust this factor.

Walleye reels should have two spools for the perfect setup. This will allow you to fill both spools, so there are no last minute preparations to be made.

You can be fully prepared, and will have extra line and an extra spool to ensure no problems even if you need to change line.

Ball bearings can also help determine the best reels for Walleye fishing. Ball bearings are used to make the reels operate smoothly and fluidly.

These support all of the moving parts inside the reel. The more ball bearings a reel contains, the higher the price is for that reel. A Walleye reel with a high number of ball bearings will operate very smoothly and with no hitches.

The number of ball bearings a reel has will determine the overall quality and operation for the reel.


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