Vegan Makeup Products


Being vegan, we choose not to eat meats, fishes and eggs. We also avoid fur, leather and wool products along with all those products that have been tested on animals. Vegan is a lifestyle choice filled with ethical notions, peace of mind, compassion for animals and positive understanding of environments. Comparatively, population of vegan people is far less than those who avail animal products.

Unfortunately, what people do not realize is that animals also feel pain, love and emotions just same as we feel, and then statistically, we butcher around 665 million animals per year in Canada for food and 3.2 million of animals are killed for testing the safety of cosmetics products that we use. Now, the point is that – is it fair to kill those innocent animals to save human life? Maybe this sounds fair, as we human are always egocentric, and if it is about our safety then let them die. But we all need to wake up! The animal testing is not effective enough to show the result of safety. We cannot only rely on such assurance.

The animals are not identical to humans if we talk about the mechanisms and other biological stuffs. And fortunately, we have better science to ensure the safety of these cosmetic chemicals. We have successfully synthesized human tissues in our laboratories, and then nothing would be as much effective as these tissues. Now, the question is why many companies still use animals to assure their products safety? The answer is business and profits, as companies always strategize to reduce their expenses to improve their profits.

Likewise, they also avail animals’ urine, bones, skins and other parts manufacture our cosmetics and even foods like ice creams we eat. Becoming Vegan, we avoid all kinds of products that are the consequences of animals’ sufferings.

Vegan Makeup products

Most of the vegan products are organics which make them more effective than other products available in markets. Many cosmetic experts recommend organic products for better results. The companies still avail animals’ products as they come cheap. It is easier to get bloods, bones and other stuffs from butchers than to arrange fresh herbs and leaves.

Where to buy vegan makeup products

Organic products become ineffective when it is not fresh. Therefore, the products you buy from your shopping malls are waiting too long on that shopping rack to get into your bucket. Thus, the best way to get them is to buy online.


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