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Using A Podcast For Coaching

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Coaching is a process that enables you to help an individual or a group of people to evaluate and gain a solid perception of who they are, what is important to them, their strengths, their weaknesses and help them to achieve their goals. A good coach will help them to overcome challenges, help them to recognize options available to them, and the action to take to execute the changes they desire to achieve in their life or work. Podcasting is a great way to help many people in your niche by recording your training.

The emphasis of coaching is built on the concept of the trainer imparting knowledge to the trainees. Coaching focuses on helping people be responsible for identifying their goals, assessing their strengths and areas for development, and identifying their solutions for moving forward. This is accomplished by the coach asking thought-provoking questions, providing guidance to assist an individual or group in exploring, reflecting, and making sound decisions.

Podcasting can make the work of coaching an individual or group of people easy and time-saving. Podcasting serves as an excellent platform for sharing vital information on whatever topic or area of focus you specialize in. The ability to share this information to a specific audience increases the relevance of your podcast.

You can create a podcast to provide essential information and tips periodically or episodically. The most successful podcasts are those that provide value and publish content on a consistent basis. This allows the listeners to become accustomed to receiving the downloads on a consistent basis.

Even those who are not yet your private clients, but are interested in your area of focus, could gain value from your podcasts. This would allow them to draw from the wealth of your knowledge in a particular field, build a relationship and possibly seek you out for a higher level of coaching.

Different Ways Of Using Podcasting For Coaching

1. You Can Use Your Podcast To Share Information With Your Existing Clients.

Your podcast contains crucial information about whatever coaching topics or tips you desire to share with your existing clients. Your “existing clients” could be those clients you are well familiar with and have been following you for a long time. Other clients would be those that have registered and are paying for your coaching. Some others may only have free access.

One nice thing about podcasts, you can create a private podcast link and keep send the relevant information to paying clients. Only those in your higher level coaching programs would be provided the private podcast link and be able to access the content.

2. You Can Use Podcasts To Share Information With Those Interested In Your Niche.

You can have general knowledge information available for free access on the public link. This will allow you to offer value to those who are searching for answers. If you provide great value under the free link, you will have them wondering “How great is the paid content if this is what is provided for free?” This will move people from the free podcast into your private coaching program.

Benefits Of Podcasting For Coaching

1. Podcasting for coaching is an efficient for storing training materials and information. This allows it to be readily available whenever it is needed, either for training or to send to a new client.

2. This training material will accessible for your clients to download them on their mobile devices, usually in an mp3 format. It also allows your client or audience to access the learning resources anywhere, anytime, with minimal effort.

3. Podcasting allows you to segregate your content. You can have some content that will be available only to your private clients. Through the podcast settings, you can set some content to be open to everyone and other content as private link only. In essence, podcasting enables you to have control over the privacy of your content.

4. Podcasting eradicates the worry and anxiety of your clients if they miss a live coaching meeting. They will be able to hear everything you shared in the coaching session after the class.

5. One of the advantages of podcasting is the attention it attracts. It might be difficult for some clients to spend 20 minutes reading an article or watching a video. That is because those formats require the client’s full attention, as they need to sit patiently, doing just one thing. Podcasting allows your client to listen to you while doing other things.

Many coaching professionals have turned to podcasting as an easy, effective way to grow their coaching business and stay connected with their existing clients. In addition, the podcast can also be used to draw in future clients. Podcasting and coaching work together like a hand in a glove!


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