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Tortoise Shelters

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Tortoise shelters are required in both an inside and an outside enclosure to provide a place for your tortoise to hide away from the world. All tortoises need to feel safe therefore the shelter needs to be large enough for it to move around in happily but also to feel secure.

A tortoise enclosure needs a few different elements in order to be a safe and happy home for your pet. The shelter is just a part of the whole and you need to consider how much room the shelter will take up inside the enclosure itself. Not only do you have to provide the shelter but also enough room for your tortoise to move around and explore in the enclosure itself. Place rocks and if possible some growing plants inside for him to munch on. A basking area is essential as is a water dish, shallow enough so that your pet does not get stuck in it!

There are a number of different types of tortoise shelter that you can either buy from your pet shop or make yourself. I have a small dog kennel in my outside enclosure which is a fantastic choice as it is easily moved and kept clean. As long as the door is large enough for it to get in and out easily and not have too high lip for him to climb over to get inside anything like this will suffice.

Some of the commercially available shelters look fantastic and are actually very attractive but they can be expensive. You don’t really need anything fancy just functional and safe. I like the ones for little tortoises that look like a hollowed out tortoise shell as they incorporate a heat and light source. If however, you decide on a more natural look you could opt for a wooden shelter which is part of a tortoise table. These are perfectly adequate and functional providing all your tortoises needs.

Whichever tortoise shelter you opt to buy the main thing to consider is always how your tortoise will actually live in it. Just looking attractive is not enough the shelter needs to fulfil the tortoises needs for many years to come. Therefore it needs to be easily cleaned, accessible and big enough for him to hide in. Always do your research on where your particular kind of tortoise lives in the natural world. Then all you have to do is try to replicate it as far as possible. Only then will your pet be able to live a happy and healthy life as your companion.


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