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The Most Frequent Cause For Divorce

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With life becoming complex day by day, the rise in the divorce rate is not a new thing for our society. You must have read innumerable articles concerning about different causes of divorce, but have you ever wondered about the most frequent cause of divorce! Well! We thought about it and thereby conducted an online survey highlighting some main causes of divorce and tried to find out which one of the reasons our readers feel is the most frequent one. We have pointed out the following 10 causes of divorce, namely:

1.) Lack of emotional intimacy

2.) Dull Sex Life

3.) Cheating Spouse

4.) Clashing personalities

5.) Interfering In-Laws

6.) Financial condition at its worst

7.) Falling out of love after honeymoon

8.) Relationship Incompatibility

9.) Too much Expectation

10.) Immaturity

We asked our readers to choose any one reason which you think is responsible for breaking up of a beautiful relationship called marriage. The reason which most readers chose (about 45% votes) is relationship incompatibility. So, (though opinions may differ) we came to a conclusion that the most frequent cause of divorce is the lack of compatibility between husband and wife, be it incompatibility on the emotional front or sexual incompatibility or intellectual incompatibility. Do read the article highlighting the myths about relationship compatibility and know what you should know!

The reason which readers have chosen after relationship incompatibility with about 25% votes is the cheating spouse and the third spot went to falling out of love reason with 15% votes. The next in line was too much expectations followed closely by the immaturity on the part of both or either of the two partners. The rest of the reasons did not get much percentage of votes. Though if you want to choose any of the above, then do let us know.


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