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The 9 Most Expensive Adventure Sports Experiences In The World – TheRichest

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Some adventure sports activities tend to cost a tad more than others.
Most of us like some kind of adventure – traveling without an itinerary, trying a rare dish at your favorite restaurant, or the occasional bungee jump while vacationing somewhere exotic.
However, there is a whole different category when it comes to adventure. Adventure Sports is for those that want a challenge, an adrenaline rush and the bragging rights to friends and family that you did something truly adventurous.
It’s not for everyone, but for some, it’s a dream come true and that dream can come with a hefty price tag. Prices noted on our list include purchasing all the gear needed to get the job done.
Check out the most expensive adventure sports in the world.
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It’s an adventure and one of the least expensive ones to embark upon, however, getting the necessary equipment and some training will cost several hundred dollars. Many adventure seekers look toward rock climbing because it’s available all over the world, but also right next door, in California, Texas and Kentucky among others. In addition, many enjoy rock climbing indoors, a great way to learn, practice and prepare. Based on the style of climbing, athletes could go on a day trip or one that takes a week or two to accomplish, but either way, they’ll need a harness, shoes, ropes, helmet, and other tools.
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Heli skiing is taking a helicopter up to the highest heights of the backcountry slopes, jumping from the helicopter and skiing down the mountain. The scenery is beautiful and untouched by skiers at the resort, but training will be a factor in the preparation and cost. Even the best skiers must know how to navigate unknown and unpredictable terrain. The high risk and high speeds make this form of skiing adventurous and somewhat dangerous, but with experience, it’s also a ton of fun.
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Think, skydiving without the airplane. Base jumpers choose to jump off of a fixed structure but use a parachute to reach the ground. What makes it dangerous and challenging? You’re a lot closer to the ground, meaning reaction time is critical and training is needed. Assuming the jumper is not using a wingsuit (which is an additional cost) you’ll still need a jumpsuit, helmet, parachute and training that will drive up the cost of what may seem like an inexpensive venture.
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According to MTB Fun Planet, a decent mountain bike, with minimum accessories will run you at least $2,000. There are specific helmets, shoes, gloves and more, required for the trip and there’s several different trips one can take. Just like many other forms of sport, mountain biking can come in many different formats, from cross country to Super D competition. What makes it a challenge beyond your typical cycling is the terrains created, including tricky descents, uneven land, jumps and drop-offs.
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Similar to skydiving, the cost that goes above and beyond typical skydiving is simply the wingsuit itself. It can run at least $2,500 and then adding on cost for skydiving lessons, plane rentals and that insurance adventure sports enthusiasts need, the free fall might be worth the price.
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Cave diving isn’t for the novice, but according to Alux, it’s one of the most amazing adventure sports and one of the most dangerous. Few people practice the sport because it requires some serious skill. Not including the travel costs and boat fees, just basic gear for this feat costs nearly ten grand. If you’re able to avoid hypothermia or other injuries, the adventure and unique view might just be worth the challenge.
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The Pentathlon is so expensive simply because of all the sporting gear it requires to compete, not to mention the serious training and fitness it takes. According to Daily Hawker, the pentathlon consists of five events: running, shooting, fencing, swimming and equestrian show jumping. Each competition is completely unrelated, prompting competitors to hire five separate trainers and purchase different gear for each event, hence the enormous cost.
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Believe it or not, this adventure sport has a fan following around the world. While a hot air balloon doesn’t exactly make us think of speed, the challenge lies in the precision and skill it takes to achieve the best results. The hot air balloon alone costs $20,000, to inflate the balloon, can be another $9,000 and in order to operate and race your balloon, you’ll need a pilot’s license – another $3,000. Despite the cost, thousands of feet in the air, overlooking the world, while racing other hot air balloon experts, can certainly qualify as an adventure.
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Climbing Mt. Everest is probably the most expensive, not to mention dangerous, adventure known in the world. Climbers have to train for months, take courses to learn how to survive the climb and of course, pay a guide for the ultimate adventure. According to White Hill Adventure, preparation is key, involving plenty of paid services and supplies (it takes an average of 10 to 12 weeks for the entire expedition) but when you finally get to the climb itself, it’s going to cost you $100,000 or more.
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