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Ten Ideas to Reward Teams and Members

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Teams are used to increase work production, solve problems, develop improvements, and lots more for business organizations. Getting people to work together often requires a different set of rewards to motivate the team to do their best. Here are ten simple ideas for rewards that recognize and motivate team building and work contributions.

  1. Put team and individual member appreciation and accomplishment in writing via a letter or some fun certificate of achievement that is given out at a team meeting.
  2. Offer team-building, communication, conflict resolution, and meeting training to improve their future working together and give them time away from current work to attend.
  3. Vocalize appreciation for the work they do by giving group and individual praise appropriately.
  4. Provide rewards and recognition that are specifically tailored to the team and its individual members.
  5. Invite team members to celebrate their accomplishments together with a pot-luck lunch, pizza at a meeting, or an after-hours party.
  6. Give little office gifts or books to team members or consider a bigger gift idea for the entire team.
  7. Provide training and growth opportunities not just for team-building, process improvement, and problem solving, but other skills as well.
  8. Arrange occasional times for a fun outing such as short trips like going together to a game, movie, a picnic, community event, or the option of breakfast or lunch in a popular restaurant.
  9. Offer bi-yearly or yearly options for a few hours, half day, or full day facilitated team building event or retreat that gets them away from the job but closer together as a group.
  10. Use a small amount of meeting time or the team’s lunch time for team-building activities like icebreakers or thought-provoking exercises.

These ten easy to implement ideas for team rewards can be a starting point for recognizing and motivating teams and its members. Appropriate rewards are important for getting people to work together to do their best as a team. This is important to business organizations that want to use their work teams to increase production, for problem solving, and to implement improvements to processes and products.

NOTE: See also article on “The 3 P’s of Reward and Recognition” when designing programs.


Source by Shirley Lee

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