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Take Your Time – Your Affirmations Will

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Before you tuck in to writing your affirmations, there’s a question you need to ask yourself.

The answer to this question holds the key to getting things right. This might just be the biggest reason why affirmations fizzle for most folks.

I don’t want to oversell it, but it really is that important.

Are you ready?

Here we go:

Will you still do your affirmations – whether you write them, speak them or whatever – long after the fun has worn off?

It’s easy to say “of course!” If you’re reading this, you’re probably excited about something. You might not even know what that something is, but you’re excited for it.

Your better future seems to shine so bright, it seems inevitable.

Good – hold onto that feeling. It’s one of your greatest resources for self-transformation.

Having said that…

The feeling will probably wear off someday. The ‘honeymoon phase’ will end, right as the easy wins are behind you and the tasks grow more challenging.

This is where you can rise above who you were before.

I know I sound dramatic here. It’s just writing a sentence a few times – I’m sure that’s easy, no matter how unmotivated you are…

Yeah, well, that isn’t the typical affirmation experience.

Most folks stick with it for a while… then it fizzles out.

I can’t judge anyone for that because I’ve done it. Same with my gratitude practice – it took no money, little time or effort, and made me feel amazing.

Even so, this is a new habit. New habits take mental energy to stick with… until they become so natural, it’s easier to continue than to stop.

The answer?

Here are a few tricks that’ll help.

I hope you held onto that feeling like I told you to. Some days, when you’re feeling not up to it for whatever reason, I want you to think back to this. Your apathy then won’t feel as intense as your desire now, so don’t let it win.

Don’t succumb to impatience. Your affirmations may come true within the week. Or it might take months, or even longer. If you don’t want to stick with it for that long, that’s fine – you can always settle for how things are right now.

Keep reminding yourself what your affirmation means to you. The day it becomes just a bunch of words is the day it stops working.

Let this take as much time as it needs – no more, and certainly no less. Affirmations will push you along the path… but the path might be long and slow. Keep your spirits up because, trust me, it’s worth it.


Source by William T Batten

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