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Sightseeing In London England – Where To Go And What To See


Many tourists from all over the globe are drawn by London’s historic spots and modern attractions. You can never get enough of sightseeing in London England as it has something to offer people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

For a start, you can get a great view of London atop one of London’s open top buses. The sightseeing tour will take you to some of London’s well-known sights.

For those interested in London’s royalty a stop to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and the Tower London should be a priority. The Buckingham Palace began as a town house owned by the Dukes of Buckingham during the eighteenth century. It is currently the Queen’s official residence. Some areas of the Buckingham Palace are open to the public and you can see here treasures from the Royal Collection. You can also view the changing of the guards on the other side of St. James Park to Whitehall. Kensington Palace serves as the residence for a number of the members of the Royal Family. The Tower of London is a world famous fortress of which having the Crown Jewels is its major attraction. It has also been made famous because of its history as having imprisoned some of the world’s shakers and movers before they were publicly hanged when it used to be a prison.

If museums are your cup of tea, London is filled with them. The British Museum has 2.5 miles of galleries. It is a world-class museum that houses world-renowned art and artifacts and it is free for the public to visit. Other museums include the Imperial War Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the Tate Museum. You can find numerous collections of fossils and mineral displays in the National History Museum and it is famous for its dinosaur exhibits. The Tate Museum holds one of the greatest collections of British art.

When sightseeing in London England, famous landmarks that you need to pay a visit include the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and the Big Ben. The Tower Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges around the world. Trafalgar Square was named after Nelson, one of England’s heroes who died in the Battle of Trafalgar. Here you can find the 145 foot granite Nelson’s column and the square is filled with swarms of pigeons, very popular among the tourists for picture taking. The Big Ben is a 316-foot clock that is a part of the Westminster Palace or known as the Houses of Parliament. It has become a worldwide icon and has always been coined by the mere mention of London.

If you are religious, do not forget to make a stop at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s Cathedral is United Kingdom’s premier cathedral where royal weddings or major memorial services are frequently held.

What about a visit to the world’s most famous zoo – London Zoo. It houses a wide collection of exotic animals. Take a side trip to Hyde Park, a famous royal park as well as the Old Bailey and the Covent Gardens.

For a spectacular view of London at 360 degrees take a ride in the glass capsule of the London Eye. This is the world’s tallest observation wheel. Be enthralled by the captivating view!

For some entertainment visit Madame Tussauds to see some of your favorite stars in wax and the London Dungeon for a bit of a scare!

Lastly, do not forget to try out the different restaurants and cafes offering delectable dishes at affordable prices. Try out the different cuisine London has to offer. Anybody can have the time of their life sightseeing in London England.


Source by Steven Mitchell

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