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Should You Buy Bowling Shoes Or Just Rent Them

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Recently bowling as a sport has been gaining in popularity. More teams are forming around the country as people of all ages take up the sport of bowling. There are bowling alleys in almost every town and many people are bringing the entire family to the bowling alley to learn how to bowl.

Although bowling is a lot of fun, one part of bowling that many people don’t care for is community shoes. Most bowling alleys offer a special type of shoe for bowling called the bowling shoe. This is to protect the specially waxed floors in place to bowl successfully. The shoe itself isn’t the part many people find unnerving, it is the fact that the shoes are rented and shared. They are called community shoes because anyone can rent these shoes at the bowling alley for a small charge. Some bowling alleys try to give the image of sanitizing the shoe by spraying the shoe with deodorizing spray or disinfectant spray. This does little more than freshen the smell of the shoe for the next player.

If you are like a lot of people you may find renting the community bowling shoe undesirable. Some people have even complained of contracting athlete’s foot from the shoes although this is unlikely. There are other options available to you thanks to the latest interest in bowling. Sport clothing, accessory and shoe stores are now offering bowling shoes for sale. If you are an avid bowler this may be the best option for you.

When you have decided to purchase a pair of bowling shoes there are some things you should keep in mind. Looking at the tread and the grip of the shoe is important. Depending on the amount of grip you want you can pick among different amounts, but keep in mind the amount you are used to. The grip may affect your game so you might want to look at the shoes you have worn in the past to decide which one worked best for your game.

Other than grip, tread and comfort the only thing left to look for is your favorite style. There are more colors and styles available than ever before. You should easily find a pair of bowling shoes to fit your style.

If you bowl regularly or plan on joining a bowling league, you may want to purchase bowling shoes of your own. If you can stand the community bowling shoes, don’t go bowling very often or don’t mind spending the extra money you can simply rent bowling shoes from the bowling alley. Whichever way you choose to go it is important not to wear street shoes when bowling or you can cause damage to the floors.

Bowling shoes are made for use on the waxed specialty flooring that bowling alleys are famous for.


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