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Revel in the Most Exciting Adventure Sports With Kashmir Tour

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Rightly called the “Heaven on Earth” by the people and the poets as well, Kashmir tourism have long made their mark on the vast varieties of travelers, adventurers and honeymooners. If we start detailing the list of entertainment and activities that is in store in Kashmir, the list will actually be endless! Therefore, listed below are a few reasons why the adventure and thrill lovers can never resist a Kashmir tour.


The ski lovers will find the Kashmir tour to be absolutely fulfilling and breathe taking. The feeling and excitement of skiing in the Himalayas is unmatched and cannot be simply described in words. Kashmir tourism boasts of many places and locations which are ideal for skiing and will raise the thrill to an unparalleled level for the adventure seeking people. The best ski resort in the Himalayas, Gulmarg is highly popular skiing spot in India since the pre- Independence period.

As Gulmarg is the highest lift served ski resort in the world, people from all over the world specially book the Kashmir tour package to get the experience of skiing in one of the most exciting skiing location the whole planet. The ideal season for skiing is from mid of December till the mid of April. The tourists don’t have to fuss around for the equipments and skiing devices. All the required items ranging from boots, gloves, ski, sticks and so on are easily available from the Kashmir tourism owned shop. The ambiance and cool atmosphere of Gulmarg enhances the skiing experience.


The varied terrain of Kashmir which consists of barren wasteland and alpine pastures provides a fascinating contrast in nature. Depending on the intensity of your adventure seeking nature you can set up treks for a day or even for a week. Some of the Kashmir tour packages offer trekking opportunities to the adventurous tourist. The ideal months for trekking are considered to be from May till October. You can hire the trekking equipments from the Kashmir tourism shop and get along your journey. Where can you find better excitement and fun than a Kashmir tour and trekking along the Himalaya region? If you are a novice, you can also take the help of the local guides who will help you and take you to the most wonderful and amazing trekking areas.


For the adventure buffs, here is one more reason to take up the Kashmir tour package! Paragliding is among the newest entries in the adventure sports in Kashmir region. You can select to glide along the beautiful lakes, valleys or over the mountains. The landscapes and winds of Gulamarg, Sonamarg and Harwan are ideal for paragliding.


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