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Quitting Smoking… Nurture Over Destruction

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Quitting smoking could be seen as an act of nurturing yourself, of stepping up and taking finally taking care of yourself. Equally smoking could be seen as a destructive behaviour, it is certainly a long slow way to harm yourself, with a guarantee thrown in.

I wonder if you have ever thought of smoking in such black and white terms? And what if you did, for just a few minutes.

Smokers have many reasons to smoke and many positive associations with their habit, but cigarettes being a form of self-destruction, is not usually considered as a benefit.

With any bad habit it’s very easy to gloss over the problems, ignoring the consequences and just plain burying your head in the sand, for years on end.

It’s an interesting facet of human behaviour to look at all the pain, problems illness and death caused by smoking and pretend it won’t happen to you., as if you have some super power that all the other smokers in the world don’t have.

However if you take just a few minutes to really think about this then either you have some kind of self destructive tendency, you think your body can defy the laws of health or maybe you just don’t care. Which in itself is a form of self-destructive behaviour.

You won’t need a psychologist to analyse you to come to that conclusion yourself.

Quitting smoking would be just the opposite. It could be seen as a form of self-nurture, self-care and self-respect, the focus being on self. The problem is many people don’t think of nurturing themselves, it may seem weak or soft and something reserved only for children.

Another way to consider it is that when we make positive change it is in fact a gift to yourself. Maybe that sounds a bit too soft as well.

How about this, what if you just decide to stop doing something completely stupid and just start being smart for a change! Ouch maybe that hurt, maybe that is a little too close to the truth.

Destructive, stupid, ignorant, super human or nurturing, a gift, or just caring for yourself are all just words. They all point in one direction or the other.

What ever words you use, whether you are honest with yourself or not, if you want to quit smoking you will need to find clear language of your own to help you move from the problem towards the solution.


Source by Ian Newton


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