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Positive Attitude, Personal Development & Success

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Maintaining a positive attitude is a fundamental aspect of personal development and success.

I recently looked up the word “attitude” in several dictionaries, and discovered the following definitions:

o Position assumed or studied to serve a purpose;

o Position or bearing as indicating action, feeling or mood;

o Mental position;

o Feeling one has for oneself;

o Settled opinion or way of thinking.

We see that attitude is a very personal aspect of ourselves and of our free will. Each of us, with the right measure of will, is in full control of our own attitude. No one has dominion over our attitude unless we allow it. Attitude is a choice–our own personal choice.

Successful people have the right attitude. They are not overcome by “what if” or by other self-defeating thoughts.

Successful people are those who maintain a positive attitude, and remain determined and focused.

It is our attitude that empowers our determination, and empowers our ability to focus and to act decisively when faced with new challenges.

We must not surrender ourselves to poor influences, to negative thoughts, or to bad habits. We must be ever vigilant against thoughts and feeling that might lead us down the wrong path.

A positive attitude affects how we think, what we choose to believe, and how we act towards ourselves, towards others, and towards our work. A positive attitude gives us the ability to embrace our potential, to turn our thoughts into actions that nurture success and happiness. With a positive attitude, we live a well-deserved life to its fullest. It is all achievable, and it all begins with a positive attitude.

Each of us must accept full responsibility for our own attitudes, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Learning new life skills stimulates our minds and strengthens our thought process.

We must keep focused on our goals. We must take daily right action towards our desired results. Challenges will arise; when we waver, we must not lose courage–we must reset our attitude, refocus and take action.

We all want to achieve the best possible results from our efforts. We all want to make the right choices. Maintaining a positive attitude about ourselves and about our efforts is a fundamental key to personal development and success.


Source by Judith Sept

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