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Passion and Purpose – Turning Passion Into Abundant Wealth

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The greatest lesson that I’ve learned about taking my passion and turning it into profit is that it takes MORE than passion to bring the abundance into our lives.

There’s really no simple answer to this question, but there are 2 simple principles that I’ve learned personally that will ensure that you are able to INCREASE the financial results from your efforts straightaway.

Firstly, it’s to do with the price tag that you’re willing to place on yourself. There are people out there who are selling their time for $1000 per hour, and personal coaching courses for $20,000 and upwards. Honestly, what’s the difference between these people and you? Definitely something, but is the difference really that large? I don’t think so.

You’ve got to have the belief that you’re worth more than what you’re currently getting. If you aren’t, then work on increasing your worth. That brings me to my second point…

It’s to do with the way you package and distribute what you have to give as well. Courses will always command a premium to books, and personal coaching will always command a higher premium to courses.

You have experiences, wisdom and successes that people NEED and are DESPERATE to pay for to learn. There’s a whole range of products that can be created to leverage on your experience as a success in your field.

As long as you can either…

* Help someone achieve their goals faster OR… * Help someone eliminate their problems easier

Then you have value to share with that someone.

The MAJOR reason why I use the internet as my primary method of distribution is that you’re able to achieve a much better volume of distribution. It’s just a much bigger market, and it eliminates a lot of the costs involved in printing, storing, shipping and retailing the product as well.


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