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Overcoming the Blahs – How to Change Your Mood in Two Easy Steps

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This morning, I woke up feeling less than joyful. I didn’t feel like doing anything -exercises included! I couldn’t figure out what was causing my mood. I just woke up that way. I felt really down in the dumps… even a little depressed. Now I’m not saying this happens on a regular basis, but I think it happens to all of us at one time or another. We’re normally fairly upbeat and cheerful, at least willing to start the day, but once in a while we get into a “mood” without really understanding why.

Rather than try and understand WHY I was feeling this way, I realized it was more important to do something about it. When we’re feeling blah, we can analyze all we want, but it rarely makes us feel better. That, at least, has been my own experience. As an advocate for self-empowerment, I take every opportunity to empower myself and I knew I could overcome this blah feeling.

My all-time favourite tool for overcoming ANY type of obstacle is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping as it’s sometimes called. It’s so simple and easy to use, even a child could do it and I have found the results to be absolutely amazing. Without a word of a lie, it has transformed my life. EFT is based on meridian or acupressure points (without any needles). So I did the following to overcome my blahs:

Step #1: Acknowledge how you feel

You may feel that you’re reinforcing your negative frame of mind by acknowledging your feelings. But the fact remains, you feel how you feel and trying to sweep it under the rug and pretend you don’t feel blah will do absolutely no good whatsoever. It is what it is. Simple as that. And no amount of “positive” talk will hide it.

Throughout the following routine, try to really feel the emotion of blah, sadness, or whatever – tune into it. I usually close my eyes and try to get in touch with what I’m feeling. Sometimes I feel tightness or some other physical sensation somewhere in my body, but not always. At other times, I’ll get an idea of what has caused my feeling, but not always. Just go with whatever comes up.

Begin with a Set-up Statement which acknowledges the emotion you’re feeling at this moment:

Even though I’m feeling depressed/blah/out of sorts (or whatever you’re feeling), I (choose to) love and accept myself anyway.

Repeat this statement three times while tapping the karate chop point with the fingertips of the other hand. The karate chop point is the fleshy part at the side of your hand just below the little finger. Tap lightly and fairly quickly as you repeat the set-up statement. There’s very little you can do “wrong” in EFT, but if you want more guidelines, I have a demonstration video on my website.

After the set-up statement, lightly tap the following points with the fingertips 5 – 7 times. You can use the middle and index fingers or all fingers. It doesn’t matter. You can also use either, or both, hands. But that may get a little complicated if you’re not familiar with EFT! While you’re tapping, repeat a short phrase that summarizes your set-up statement such as “feeling blah”.

Tapping Points:

(EB) Eyebrow (At the inside end of your eyebrow)

(SE) Side of Eye (Between the side of the eye and the temple, close to the eye)

(UE) Under the Eye (The fleshy part immediately below the eye)

(UN) Under the Nose (Between the upper lip and the nose)

(CH) Chin (At the crease below the lower lip)

(CB) Collar Bone (About an inch below the collar bone, below and a little to the left or right of the throat)

(UA) Under Arm (About 3″ below the armpit – the bra line for females!)

(WR) Wrist (Where the hand bends)

(TH) Top of Head (On the crown of the head)

Now breathe deeply.

After this one round, I pretty much guarantee that you’re feeling better. I certainly was! If you don’t feel any change, or you feel only slightly better, try doing the whole routine again, but this time add “still” to your set-up statement and summary phrase.

Even though I’m STILL feeling depressed/blah/out of sorts (or whatever you’re feeling), I (choose to) love and accept myself anyway.

STILL feeling blah.

Step #2: Reinforce the better feelings

Once I had completed the first round of EFT, I was certainly feeling happier and was ready to begin the day. However, I like to end my EFT sessions with some positive affirmations using the Tapping Points above.

Tap through the points (EB to TH) repeating positive affirmations such as:

  • I have so much to be grateful for
  • This too shall pass
  • My life is good
  • I am loved and appreciated

Use any affirmation that feels right for you.

Whatever I’m tapping on, I often experience a feeling that my summary statement is no longer true as I proceed through the points. This happens as the “negative” emotion is released and is perfectly normal. It’s a sign that the cause of your problem is being healed. What could be simpler than that!

This routine will even work with deeper depression, but may require a more persistent approach. I would highly recommend locating a professional EFT practitioner if you suffer with long-term depression or any other acute affliction. But, for the occasional blahs, use EFT and tap away your blues! It works every time!


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