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Ornamental Fish Breeding – An Interesting Hobby

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The process of keeping and breeding ornamental fish is becoming one of the fast growing hobbies in the world. There is a wide variety of ornamental fishes grown in our homes and office space. Some keeps them by believing that they are a kind of lucky charm to be kept in our place. But, one thing is sure; the process of caring and breeding aquarium fishes is a highly satisfying hobby. A well kept ‘koi pond’ or an indoor aquarium will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your place. As the demand for ornamental fishes are rising, they are being imported to western countries from eastern side of the world.

If you are planning to take up the hobby of keeping ornamental fish in your home or office, it will be better to get some information concerning their keeping. Here we will be discussing some of the things to take note of. The aquarium fish exported from different parts of the world are mainly of two kinds. They may be the egg laying variety like zebra Danio, Black Widow Tetra, or Gold fish; or else can be live-bearing ones. It is easier to rear them in a closed place, but getting them to breed is a really talented task requiring good skills.

It is recommended to do a survey in the internet about the kind of fish which is high in quality, and what to look for when you are at the aquarium. The price changes according to the patterns and coloration on the fish’s scales. Since the business of selling ornamental fish is not a standardized one, the chances are high that the price of each fish will vary from one place to another. It would be better if you could shop around a bit to see the best available options.

More than the fish itself, it is the aquarium accessories like tanks, filters, plants, pebbles, tank roofs which play a major role in installation of small scale aquariums in your homes. Otherwise you should be well into the idea of rearing them for making profit. For whatever reason you are buying ornamental fish, it is better to get some information about the different aspects of each kind of fish. This includes their habitat liking, feeding habits, breeding habits; required water temperature etc. Knowledge about such things will give you an idea about which all fishes can be reared together in the same tank. Another important thing needed is the ability to analyze the health of the fish.


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