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Market Your Book Twice As Fast and Keep Up to 90% of the Profits Yourself


Here’s how to market your book twice as fast and keep up to 90% of the profits yourself.

Most people think a publisher is going to sell a million copies of your book.

This is not true.

You can earn far more if you self publish.

Here’s why…

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea. A lot of people want to go take it and try and sell their book to a publisher. Why would I advise someone not to do that?

Well, you’re not going to sell very many copies unless you’re Steven King or somebody like that.

First and foremost, publishers do not advertise your book. They publish it.

They send it to the bookstores and the bookstores stack it up and hopefully when you walk into the store you’re going to see it and buy it. Or unless you’re smart, you can get yourself on radio shows and so on in order to sell books.

But you’re still only going to get a percentage from the publisher.

If you write a book and you’re published, you’re lucky if you sell 5,000 copies and you might get a dollar or two per copy. So, that’s a maximum of $10,000 you’re going to realize from your book and nobody can live on $10,000.

So, you’re basically going to make peanuts.

Sure, you’re going to be proud of yourself when you walk into the bookstore and see your book on the shelf. You’re going to say, hey look what I did, but what does that get you?

It doesn’t get you any of that stuff that you can spend.

And if you self-publish that book, it might take you one dollar to have that book printed up in large quantities and you can sell it for $20 and sell 5,000 copies every month.

Now, you’re talking money!

But in order to do that, you have to do your own marketing and that’s the kicker.

A lot of people when they first do their first book they don’t have the kind of money to advertise it.

Whether you self publish, or choose to go through a conventional publishing house, your sales will be in direct proportion to your efforts to secure publicity.


Source by Michael Senoff

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