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Know That Your Best Friend Is Safe With Dog Boarding

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Man’s best friend. And those of us who are dog owners know we wouldn’t have it any other way. These animals come into our lives almost as an extra, but within a very short time they are an integral part of the way we live and go about our daily business. They respond to our moods, they provide an unconditional ear when we find ourselves with nobody else to talk to, and make us smile even on the gloomiest day with their antics. And they definitely keep us on our toes… what better way to get some exercise than to take a walk with your very own special best friend. What do we do, then, when we need to take a break from our normal routine and we can’t take that best friend with us? And we can’t even explain why we are going and, more importantly, that, yes, we will be back. The answer is dog boarding!

All of us, of course, believe that we are the only ones who can make our dog happy. But dog boarding establishments are staffed by professional dog lovers! Your dog, intelligent as he is, simply does not understand how human life works. That unfortunately we do need to pick up those keys and walk out the door and leave him behind from time to time. But professionals working with dogs do understand dogs’ needs and know exactly how to satisfy them.

Dogs are pack animals love to be social, so good dog boarding establishments cater to that with open spaces to wrestle and run around, and staff who love to play ball or tug-a-war with your dog. And those same staff also know that a happy dog is a tired dog, and there’s always a great range of places to catch a snooze, or a cushion to lie on with one eye open still following the action.

Dog boarding in years gone by wasn’t always as sophisticated as it is now, though. These days dog boarding establishments provide a non-kennel environment. Gone are the days of bars and concrete floors. These days climate control is standard so that whatever the temperature outside, your dog will be comfortable when it comes indoors. And, being family pets and used to all those noises about the house, one thing you may be a little surprised about when you visit a dog boarding establishment is the piped music – yes, soothing background music playing 24 hours a day, just to remind your dog that they are part of a human family after all!

Social animals, dogs actually enjoy the opportunities provided within a dog boarding establishment where they can play around with their fellow canines and enjoy constant companionship and plenty of exercise in a safe environment. We all know that sad eye look when we pick up the keys and go out the door again leaving our favourite pooch home alone… dog boarding is the key to overcoming all that guilt you experience right at that moment! Consider this – your dog is going to have a blast dog boarding!


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