How to Write Winning College Admission Essays


500 words. I feel it is a bit unfair to measure a person’s worth in so many words. A well written 500 words can radically alter your career and your life. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded college admission essays. It may sound simplistic but these 500 words are the dividing line between acceptance and rejection to your dream course. Even excellent test scores count for nothing if you are not able to express your individuality in an essay. The topic is irrelevant until you are able to display remarkable skills to paint a perfect picture in the reader’s thoughts.

Thought there is no guaranteed way to write a breathtaking piece, below, I am enumerating a few tips that will prove valuable when you write college admission essays: 

  1. Solve the problem: Whatever your topic, look for the underlying question, problem or issue and present a solution.
  2. Invent a prose: Forget all about what you ever read about good writing. Chances are your evaluator knows it. Go with your own style, get inventive with words.
  3. Feel the words: Every competition has many winners but for each one of them, winning means a different feeling, a different high. Choose your topic carefully so you can share your experience in your own words, with your personal feelings. A whole new perspective to even a mundane happening is appreciated by the admissions officers.
  4. Put the Thesaurus away: Life is beautiful when it is simple. Throw the idea that big words are beautiful out of your head and use simple language. If you can weave an image around your experiences, if you can illustrate your thoughts as vibrantly as Van Gogh used colors, your essay will certainly appeal to the basic senses of the evaluator.
  5. Introduce smartly: Typically 2-3 minutes are all Admissions officers spend on an essay. Hence you would do well to make a great first impression. Spin a yarn in the introduction which induces curiosity in the reader to read the entire essay. Don’t try to write a summary of your essay in the introduction- you would not want the officer to skip reading your entire essay!
  6. Conclude convincingly: Consider your conclusion as a logical flow to the introduction. Avoid a summary of your essay- that is the admissions officer’s job. If you can present your subject matter as one with universal appeal, you have a winner at hand.
  7. Change for the better: Revise your essay after writing it down. Not once, but as many times as possible. Ask a few experts, if possible. Change sentences, use more simple words, and bring out the points that seemed trivial initially but now demand more importance. Make separate sheets for each of these changes and then compare all your essays for one final piece of brilliance that evokes intense emotions.

College admissions essays are typically used to measure a person’s outlook, his way of thinking and probable point of view in times of crucial judgments. These 500 words are more decisive than many arguments you may have had or will have in your life. A judicious selection of words will take you a long way ahead in your career. 500 words.


Source by Manish Pahuja

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