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How To Influence People – Write Articles That Influence, Persuade, And Compel Others

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When you write an article, what do you want to happen? Are you writing just to tell the reader a story you hope they will enjoy?

If you’re an Internet Marketer like me the answer is no… you write in the hope that your reader will perform some kind of action when they are done reading your piece. Such as a click on your offering.

You want to write in a way that influences the reader to want more from you. And the best way for them to get more information on the subject of your article is to click through your link.

Using influencing skills while writing is what any good copywriter does to entice that click-through.

Using these time-tested persuasion techniques is akin to using mind control, or even brain washing techniques! Yes, it can be that powerful! You can influence, persuade, and yes even compel your reader to take action.

You convince using logic, or even better yet, touch your readers on an emotional level. This is one of the most powerful and compelling ways to get what you want from your writing… conversion.

You can see this technique in action all over the Internet, just look at any well-written sales page or squeeze page.

Sometimes I get a little tired of sales pages that have to use every ‘hook’ or ‘persuasion technique’ known to man in order to get the highest CTR (click through rate.) But you know what? It works… plain and simple!

So, the next time you write an article, or any piece of writing for online publication in the hope of enticing your reader to take action…use your influencing skills, your power of persuasion to influence people (your reader) to take action.


Source by Jerry Lindenburger

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