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How to Create a Live Teleseminar Series

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When creating a teleseminar, I think the most important thing is delivering content that people want to hear. I don’t think this format you can ever go wrong if you have a list of potential prospects who are interested in a subject. Just look at exactly what I did with a Campaign I did. I just asked everyone if they had one chance to ask me any question on how to make more money with audio interviews what would that one question be? And I’d answer that.

So the whole key to that is you are giving your listener exactly what they want and there are other methods of doing that.  But I would say making sure your audio delivers what your potential prospects or customer needs to hear about the subject of your interview. Another wonderful way in making your audio valuable and delivering it is making it easy. I try to do this on my website and there is something I’m going to start doing with all my audio recordings. And I’m going to be adding a replay line for each one of my audio recordings.

So if you called in on a conference call and it said, “Welcome to the conference call.” Then you press the code and can instantly start listening to the replay of the teleconference. Now on the site, I can upload the three hours or however long it goes of the teleconference with a phone number replay and I’m going to start doing this will all of my other audio recordings because I want and I think any interviewing experts, their goal should be able to offer that potential prospect or that listener as many different ways to digest your audio.

You’ve got to give them choices. So I would say give them a choice by calling a phone number and listening to the whole audio on their phone. Anyone can call that number, put their phone on speaker and their phone becomes a radio transmitter.

With cell phones today, I can press my pass code, put my cell phone down, put it on speaker mode and I can listen to an audio interview on my site. Now, there are millions and millions of these smart phones being sold and I’m actually going to do an interview with an expert on marketing through these mobile phones. I think it’s going to be a huge market.


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