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E-Book Writing – 4 Super Duper Techniques and Strategies to Achieve Ebook Writing Success

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Have you ever considered writing an eBook to help your small business? Well, consider that many small business success books recommend positioning yourself as an expert in the field and further state that if you have written a book, not only does it look good on your resume, but it might very well clinch the deal for you when your customer or client sees the book.

In fact, in the book “Get Published! Professionally, Affordably, Fast” by Susan Driscoll and Diane Gedymin, they mention that power of authorship in business. Indeed, I wish I had read such a book myself before my retirement. Oh well, I can say this, writing an eBook is a whole lot easier than getting your book published, or even self publishing.

For instance, last year I wrote 10-eBooks on various subjects and put them on the Internet. Each week I get emails from all over the world from others wishing to discuss these topics and subjects. Now you are probably wondering how you can write an eBook or two to help you in your business. Well, it’s not that hard. What you need to do is to;

  1. Write a Table of Contents
  2. Write a paragraph on each of the headings and sub headings
  3. Make a 5 bullet lists under each introduction paragraph of what you wish to discuss
  4. Get yourself a good voice recognition program

Then simply start taking about each of the items on the bulleted lists of each heading and sub heading. Once you are done, start editing your work. Insert some pictures, graphs. Then put it down for a day or two and think about and set aside some time to go over it all and add anything you have thought of and then do a final editing job. Now you have an eBook, next convert it to a .pdf file and post it on your website. You have just elevated your status to authorship. It’s that easy.


Source by Lance Winslow

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