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Definition of Icebreaker Games


Do you need icebreaker games for small groups? Are looking to provide some women’s retreat icebreaker games, group games for a youth group or even group therapy activities? Whatever your need may be it is important that you understand your purpose and goal of using an icebreaker. Understanding what an icebreaker is and how to optimize its effects will make for a more fruitful, attention grabbing and satisfyingly fun experience.

Definition of Icebreaker: A stimulating and thought provoking activity that educates and entertains with the intent of leaving a permanent and long lasting impression while increasing communication and cohesiveness of the peoples involved.

First and foremost your activity must be stimulating. It been said “the mind can only absorb what the butt can endure”. This means, don’t let your audience go stir crazy. You need to keep their attention with something interesting and fun. An icebreaker activity promotes interaction and socialization which is stimulating the brain, body and spirit.

Educating people while playing a game and doing an activity is a very effective way to teach. When lots of information has to be taught at one time it is hard for the brain to collect it all because the person may become bored or uninterested. Its been said that a kindergartner has an attention span of 5 min. that’s why all the Elmo and Baby Einstein shows change the characters and theme so often. I believe this is also true with adults only way top off at 20 minutes. Keeping your class or lecture exciting WILL increase your groups’ ability to remember the information.

If an ice breaker game includes these key traits you will have the perfect women’s retreat icebreaker games, the perfect group therapy activities and for small group games.


Source by Jeff Millett

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