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Even if you have been networking for a long time, there are still plenty of ways to amp up your game. It is great to lean on the tried and true but just like technology, networking evolves. It changes, develops and grows in various shapes and forms. In order to be a savvy networker, individuals and organizations need to stay ahead of the curve.

Listed below are useful tips for increasing connectivity, improving relationships and gaining the most out of your endeavors.

Your Apps

Definitely take advantage of technology to further connect and build upon your networking efforts. Read blogs, get recommendations and search app stores to find the latest technologies and advancements. Having mobile devices at our fingertips allows us to be more interactive, gain more knowledge and progress at a faster pace.

Your Network

The big question is not quality over quantity as much as it is how you are utilizing your existing networks. How do you view the people in your online and offline communities? Are you taking the time to build long term relationships and master the true art of networking? Are you paying it forward and contributing value? Are you using your network strategically? Focusing on these questions can better navigate your development and success.

Your Character

Often overlooked but very critical in your professional and social goals is your attitude as well as behavior towards others. Although considered a soft skill, interpersonal skills are important components in establishing your brand and credibility with others. Of course, ethical behavior and honesty lead to trust with others and more opportunities.

Use these practical tips to connect further and build dynamic and viable networks. These resources and tools can greatly enhance your networking mission and create amazing relationships.


Source by Chi Chi Okezie

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