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Chemical Free Laundry Detergents – Keeping Skin Allergies At Bay

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If you want to keep your clothes free of stains and dirt while retaining their freshness, color and texture, you should opt for the new natural laundry detergents. These detergents aren’t formulated with any kind of dyes, bleach, brighteners or chlorine.

Washing clothes with the regular detergents leaves the clothes loaded with chemical residue that not only damages the color and texture of clothes but gives you skin problems as well. Those who already have any kind of skin allergy such as eczema or psoriasis, might have noticed the allergic symptoms triggering when they wore clothes washed with such chemical detergents. To keep skin problems at bay as well as maintain the texture of the your clothes, you should switch your detergent from plant or herb derived natural or organic substances.

Natural liquid laundry detergents, unlike the traditional detergents, aren’t formulated using phosphate, petroleum and other products that harm both the environment as well as your health. Not even dyes, brighteners, fillers and bleaching agents are included in the detergents. Made of only natural products, this detergent keeps your laundry clean and fresh. In case any residue is left, you need not worry as it’s completely natural and won’t cause any skin irritation or allergies.

Likewise, you can also use soap nutshells to launder your clothes sans the chemicals. With natural emulsifying agents, the soap nuts produce suds when agitated with water. Highly effective in removing dirt, grime and light stains from the clothes without effecting their color and texture, these soap nuts are gaining popularity worldwide. Not just environment friendly, soap nuts are the medicinal, antibacterial and one of the most economical products for cleaning your clothes. Eight to ten half shells are enough for each wash cycle and the best part is that these could be reused for another two – four wash cycles.

The Natural liquid detergent is all natural and made by a special process using soap nuts as its major ingredient. The natural liquid detergents and soap nutshells come without any kind of added fragrance. If you need a fragrance, you can add to your laundry cycle a few drops of natural essential oils like Lavender, rose, jasmine, tangerine, lemon grass or any other essence you prefer. In addition to that, you can wash your delicate clothes such as wool, silk and others using the non-toxic detergents or soap nuts.

Keep you laundry clean with soap nuts or natural liquid detergents and lessen the deadly impact of chemicals on your clothes as well as the environment. Since soap nuts are biodegradable, these can be disposed off in a dust bin or a compost bin, if you like. Plus, the laundry water can be put to further use by watering your plants with it. No harm will be done as the water itself only contains natural ingredients and some dirt, of course. It’s may be an added advantage as you are reducing your water consumption.

Though grown only in Southeast Asia, the popularity of soap nuts have resulted in their availability across the globe. Other than soap nuts and liquid detergents, you can also find them in the form of powder detergents over the Internet. Several online stores offer these at very attractive prices. Moreover, you can find all the relevant info on the store website about the ingredients used, their effects and tips on how to use them. You can simply place an order on the website and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.


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