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Bodylastics BASIC TENSION Heavy Duty Resistance Bands System With User Book Review


When getting started with resistance band training, it is tempting to go with just one band and see how it works out, and because resistance bands are so cheap that is definitely a viable option. However if you want to make fitness band training a complete part of your workout then you are going to want to invest in a complete set. “Investment” is actually the wrong word since resistance band sets are so inexpensive but I don’t have time to dig out the thesaurus and find a better word.

The Bodylastics Basic Tension Heavy Duty Resistance Bands System comes with everything you will need to get a total body workout. The set offers 4 heavy duty rubber bands of varying resistance so you can get any tension level you want. The heavy duty foam handles felt great, but the ankle straps were a little rough. However I have very sensitive skin so if you are a normal person and you are wearing socks then the ankle bands should not give you any trouble.

One of the problems I have working with other bands is when I want to use more than one of them at a time to create a tighter pull. Luckily the Bodylastics Basic Tension set took care of that problem by providing a carabiner hook system which allows you to attach all 4 bands to one set of handles or ankle straps. You are not left holding 4 handles at once, which is uncomfortable and makes you look kind of silly when using other resistance bands. The carabiner system allows you to hook or unhook the bands quickly so you can switch between workouts without wasting a lot of time and letting your heart rate drop.

Of course the most important part of any resistance band is how strong it is. Even the weakest person can wear out a resistance band with repeated use if it is not made properly. Band strength is another area where the Bodylastics system shines. Each band is continuous dipped rubber which means they are TOUGH. We had 2 people pulling them apart and could see none of the scarring or white streaks that appear in lower quality bands when they are over burdened. These bands should be far and away strong enough for anyone exercising at home, even on the P90X program.

The carabiner attachment system and the sheer strength of these bands would be enough to recommend the Bodylastics Heavy Duty Resistance Bands System, but there is much more to the system than that! Every set also comes with TWO door anchors (find another set that does that), a user book, a code for additional online material such as exercises and coaching, and a storage bag! The quality of the bands plus all the extra bonus stuff they shove in the box make this an easy recommendation. Oh and did I mention the LIFETIME WARRANTY?

If you are wanting to start a new exercise program, or are looking to find something to replace your worn out bands, then you should definitely consider the Bodylastics Basic Tension Heavy Duty Resistance Bands System. For half the cost of one visit to a personal trainer you can have a complete quality workout system at home and skip going to the gym.


Source by Eric Lynn Summers

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