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Best New York Hotel in Downtown Manhattan – The So Ho Grand Hotel


One of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City is So Ho, or downtown Manhattan. So Ho is an artsy-type neighborhood that is considered to be very “fashionable” amongst New Yorkers. Many celebrities, artists, and a-listers flock to So Ho when they are in New York, and some of them call it their home. So Ho is also home to the So Ho Grand Hotel, which is arguably the best New York hotel in downtown Manhattan.

The So Ho Grand Hotel may not be as well-established as other area hotels in downtown Manhattan, but it is certainly one of the most popular. This hotel is relatively a new kid on the block as far as New York City hotels are concerned, as it is just a little over ten years old. But what it lacks in experience it makes up for in style. The So Ho Grand Hotel is one of the hippest hotels in New York City. The suites are contemporary modern with original art on the walls. The Grand Bar and Lounge is decorated in dark wood and has a cigar bar on one side of the lounge. There is concierge service for all the guests. There is The Yard Courtyard for light meals and cocktails, and The Gallery for contemporary American Cuisine. The food is exceptional and fairly priced, which is a lot to be said for a hotel located in Manhattan.

The service staff is fabulous, and there is a twenty four hour business center and valet parking at this New York hotel. The hotel has a hip young feel, but yet maintains a certain level of sophistication and class. This hotel really knows how to make someone feel like they are in Manhattan, from its stylish design to the urban chic decorating in each room.

There are quite a few fine hotels down in So Ho but the So Ho Grand Hotel, even though it is the newest kid on the block, has raised the bar for service and comfort. The So Ho Grand holds special events to showcase up and coming artists in their salon. The events bring out New York’s finest artists and gallery owners – and of course the celebrities show up in droves.

There is no need to wonder why celebrities and artists alike favor this downtown New York hotel. Staying at the So Ho Grand is an experience like no other. You never know who will sit at the piano in the lounge and bang out a tune or who will walk through the door into the restaurant to grab a quick bite.

The So Ho Grand is clearly the best hotel in lower Manhattan and has greatly influenced the revival of this New York City neighborhood.


Source by Lucille Jewett


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