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Amber Gemstone

Amber is an organic semi-precious stone that isn’t actually a mineral but rather the hardened resin of ancient trees. It comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, brown, red, black, blue, and green, among others. Occasionally, this gemstone will have interesting insects or plant inclusions, greatly increasing its value. Amber has been used in jewelry, home décor, and medical treatments since ancient times.

Variety of Amber

Amber is a beautiful gemstone with a radiance of warm color, a pleasing luster, and intriguing inclusions. It is available in a range of distinctive color tones. Below are a few popular Amber color variations.

Black Amber

Black Amber stone is an opaque, dark-colored gem variety that is primarily made up of inclusions, as its name suggests. According to astrology, black amber is a very potent stone for healing and protection. According to legend, black amber has healing properties that aid in body detoxification and provide resistance to illnesses and infections.

Yellow Amber

One of the most valuable and well-liked varieties is the naturally transparent Yellow Amber stone. Most of their resources come from countries in the Baltic region, like Denmark, Latvia, and Russia. This kind of amber frequently contains inclusions of bubbles. Deep yellow or slightly golden colored gems with few inclusions are preferred in trade over light amber-colored items.

Amber Blue Stone

One of the rarest colors of Amber is this one. It only originates from Dominican Republic mines. This may be the rationale behind the high price of Dominican Blue Amber gemstones. Contact us if you want to purchase Blue Amber online. We would be delighted to meet your needs!

Amber Red

Cherry Amber is a common nickname for red amber stone. This color variation is prized for its lovely red undertone. Cherry amber gemstones are primarily used to create necklaces and bracelets and are rarely found in the marketplace.

White Amber

Another rare color variation, known also as Bony Amber, is praised for its distinctive texture and regal shade. In order to create unique pieces, white amber stones are set in jewelry.

Benefits of Amber Stone

The amber gemstone is known for being beautiful, comfortable, and light, as well as for its incredible healing properties. This stone is revered as a natural healer and has been used to treat everything from depression and arthritis to the pain associated with teething.

Brings about emotional and mental calm

People who are struggling with psychological problems like depression, anxiety, fear, or stress are said to benefit from wearing amber stones. Pregnant women and those working in the medical or healing fields are thought to benefit greatly from this gemstone.

Heals Digestive, Endocrine, & Body Pain

Gemologists have a strong belief in the benefits of amber gemstones for hastening the recovery from illnesses like goitre, headache, tension, jaundice, flu, etc. The amber gemstone is regarded as a successful treatment for arthritis sufferers and infants going through the difficult teething process.

Increases intellectual capacity and memory

An old myth states that wearing an amber stone bestows intellectual qualities and improves memory. Its harmonious energies encourage good feelings and assist the wearer in making wise decisions.


The origin, clarity, color, shape, and presence of distinctive inclusions, such as leaves, insects, etc., determine the quality of amber. From an astrological standpoint, transparency and color play a much smaller role in determining quality. The best quality amber gemstone for astrological use is thought to be pure genuine amber that is a bright golden yellow color.


Mining sites in countries such as Russia, the Dominican Republic, Burma (Myanmar), Mexico, Italy, Germany, Africa, Indonesia, etc. provide natural amber stones. Due to its vibrant color, inherent beauty, and high succinic acid content (hence the name “Succinite”), Baltic amber stone from the Baltic States of Russia is incredibly popular. The other well-liked options include Burmese (Burmite), African, Simetite (Amber from Sicily, Italy), Indonesian, and Dominican amber.


Amber stone’s appearance ranges from being transparent to being wholly opaque. Gemstones made of naturally transparent amber are less common and highly prized. The majority of it is made up of inclusions like gas bubbles, flow lines, sun spangles, etc. The inclusion of a clearly visible trapped insect or plant adds interest and increases the amber stone’s value.


Pale yellow to dark honey brown are the colour ranges of amber. Amber that is radiantly yellow or orange is preferred for astrological purposes. Amber can also be found in nature in the colours black, blue, green, and white, but it is extremely uncommon.


Due to its brittleness, amber is frequently polished into a free-form shape to preserve its inherent beauty. Even though they are relatively less common, perfect round and oval amber gemstones are still very in demand.

Cost of Amber Stone

In the gemstone industry, beauty and originality command higher prices. The cost of an amber gemstone is comparable. Amber becomes more expensive for more desirable and distinctive gems. The presence of unusual items like ancient insects and twigs, in the opinion of gem experts, adds an element of interest and significantly raises the value of amber stones. Additional factors taken into account when determining the price of an amber gemstone include origin, color, clarity, shape, and size.

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