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Ad Copy Virtuoso Makes Prospects Drop Everything and Pay Attention

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Ever watch someone improvising blues on guitar and wonder how the heck they do that?

All they need is the key everyone is playing in.

And they’ll just start busting out some amazing lead that sounds like they spent months perfecting. When, in fact, they’re making it up on the spot.

It’s mind boggling if you don’t play an instrument.

It’s even more mind boggling if you do play an instrument but have no idea what’s REALLY going on.

I fell in the latter until recently.

In fact, I’ve barely escaped it, but that’s not the point.

It’s actually fairly easy for someone to pick up and start doing without getting into music theory at all. All you need to do is learn specific patterns. And in blues and rock you can pretty much get away with knowing just one.

The pentatonic scale.

Just 5 notes (hence the ‘penta’ in the name).

Just learn these 5 notes in 5 different positions and you can play the entire neck just by knowing the key.

Now, you’re not going to blow away any seasoned musicians ‘in the know.’ But you’ll sure look good playing those sweet licks in front of your friends and probably 99% of the population.

(By the way, the stanky face is not optional.)

And you do it with something that has become so easy to you it’s almost boring.

The cool thing?

You can use this same type of thinking to get better results and make more conversions with your ads.

I don’t know if you know this, but…

Copy is pretty much the most important part of your ad.

So, how do you write good ads without being a copywriter?

Well, you learn the basics. You learn the elements that are necessary to, not only get your prospects attention, but get the right attention at the right time.

And it’s not hard at all.

You just need to know the ‘pattern to play in.’

When I learned how to write ads this way I immediately tripled my CTR’s and the conversions followed.

Ever since then I’ve been playing around in a new normal that seemed untouchable before.

And it blows away other ads.

The really cool part?

When you learn these elements it makes every other part of your marketing campaign better (and easier) as well.

I’ll list a few for you here:

  • Pain
  • Benefit
  • Identity
  • Unique Mechanism

Pain: In my experience, this by far the most important. If there’s not a huge pain that your product or service takes care of, then there’s not going to be a huge demand. Simple as that. Humans will do a lot more to avoid pain than to pursue pleasure.

Benefit: A lot of folks start talking about their product, everything it does, and all of the features it has. But your prospects don’t care about that. They want to know “what’s in it for them?” Answer that.

Identity: Who is your audience? If you’re speaking to everyone, then you’re speaking to no-one. Make sure your prospects know that this is specifically for them. Not just some generic solution.

Unique Mechanism: Let them know that your solution is different from every other solution they know of. If you don’t then they will just compare your to other solutions by price, or worse, they won’t consider you at all because they’ve “seen this before.”


Source by Chuck Sharpsteen

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