A Top Tip to Know When Looking at How to Write a Novel


One of the key things when looking at how to write a novel is being able to know what to write about. There are actually good ideas all around us. The difficulty is in capturing that idea and having it on tap when it is needed. It is not always at the beginning of the story that we might be looking for an idea. It could be ideas for a character, or a setting or even a conversation. 


There is a resource that everyone can have to help them out with this. It does take time to develop this resource. Everyone will have different ideas in their resource, but it is an invaluable aid to any writer. 

The Resource


Always carry a notebook and pen. Ideas come up at all different times and places. If you don’t record it at the time it will be lost. Sometimes it might be an impression you have when you see a beautiful scene. It might be a headline in the newspaper that sparks a thought. Perhaps some snippet of conversation you hear in the grocery checkout line might strike you as something that could be developed.


Record anything and everything that might be of possible use. Once you have it in your notebook it is preserved for future needs. Writing things down as soon as possible keeps them intact. If we wait and do it later we won’t remember the event with the same clarity or accuracy as we do when we write it down immediately.


Go through your notebook when you are looking for ideas. Reading something that you recorded months or even years before can be just the catalyst that you need to get your new story started or fill in the details that you are searching for.


Once your story is underway there might be numerous times when you need to refer to you notebook. Perhaps you are looking for a new character and you remember that you jotted down some notes that would just fit what you are looking for. 


So long as you always carry your notebook, and develop the habit of jotting down anything that strikes you, you will have a resource that will stand you in good stead as you embark on your journey as an author.


Even if you are not ready to start thinking about writing, start collecting ideas in your notebook. That way, having a ready store of ideas to draw from, you will be able to focus on how to write a novel, rather than staring blankly at the page looking for inspiration.


Source by Jocelyn Hodgson

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