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7 Easy Tips to Better Article Marketing

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These tips may be obvious to you but have you been constantly putting them into practice when you are developing your article marketing plan? The 7 tips mentioned here when put into practice will enable you to write better quality articles and achieve your objectives, whether be it, increased revenue or traffic to your website.

1. When posting your article, make sure you include a link to your site in your resource box. If people have no place to go to, your article is basically meaningless, no matter how educated it makes someone. Your goal is to get a visitor to your site. So DON’T forget the link in your resource box, or author bio.

2. Try to write at least 2 or 3 articles a week. If you can write 1 a day, that would be great. It’s only going to take you about 30 minutes to do this so there is no reason not to be able to. Can’t find the time? Make the time. After doing this for a year and seeing how many visitors you’re getting, provided you haven’t chosen Internet Marketing as a niche, you’ll be glad you put the time in.

3. Concentrate on your writing when you’re most alert. I am speaking from experience. Trying to write when you’re tired is a bad idea. Your articles won’t be good and you won’t get them accepted by the various directories.

4. Do NOT use article writing software. The search engines understand how these algorithms work and they will recognize an article generated by one in a heart beat and not only will your articles not be accepted, they will end up killing your reputation. It’s just not worth the risk.

5. Do NOT use sites that ghost write articles for you. For one thing, they’re going to charge you more money than what the article is worth. Also, don’t use PLR articles as they are. If you’re going to use them at all, which I don’t recommend, you better plan on rewriting them extensively. Original work is your best bet.

6. Space out your article submissions. That’s the one good thing about Article Marketer is that it will automatically do this for you. Just set the delay and your articles will be submitted over the course of so many weeks. They really do provide a great service. Of course, if you’re organized, you can control this on your own using Article Announcer or with manual submissions.

7. When rewriting an article that you found on the Internet, the easiest way to do this without copying is read it, write down the main points and then write YOUR article from these main point. Doing this will make writing any article a breeze.


Source by Melvin Vu

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