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3 Tips to Manage Change

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I’ve always said that the only consistent thing, is change! With all of the change that’s been happening in the past 6 months, I thought this was the perfect time to talk about how to cope with change effectively, so I met with Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consultant and Author of The Finkelstein Factor – What to do when things go wrong, because you know they will (sigh).

Marion is a skilled communicator who helps business people deepen their connections with clients, colleagues, bosses, and employees. She unties the knots in interpersonal communications and works with organizations who want to create healthy, resilient, and productive workplaces and teams. She will also help you find solutions to your most time-consuming, energy-sucking, budget-eating workplace communication challenges and will help you to be more confident in how you communicate, feel less frustrated, and say bye-bye to unwanted stress.

In this short interview, you’ll learn valuable tips to managing change at work and the answers to these 3 questions:

  • Did you know that the reason why some people can accept change easier than others is personality based?
  • Have you been getting the response you’re looking for when communicating change processes to others?
  • Are you willing to accept change when you’re not the one initiating it?

Marion and I share a lot of the same philosophies, ideals and strategies in our approach to leadership coaching. I’m sure you’ll find the content very worthwhile and use the information to manage change in your life both at work and at home.


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