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Why Women Won’t Commit – Dating Tips For Men


Women fear committing to anyone else other than themselves and their best friends. From the experiences of other women, they may have believed that commitment means compromising herself for the sake for her man and they believe there is no eligible men anymore.

From the men’s point of view, eligible women are a plenty but their sky high criteria leaves them being single.

Nowadays, women have strong careers and broad social circles. These have become part of our lives. Getting in a marriage may threaten this lifestyle as they become committed towards the husband and the family. Here, marriage is seen as a change in role; from career woman with a great circle of acquaintances to boring housewife. Hence, the fear the fear of commitment. A lot of women would rather have self-fulfilling lives with a great career. Many career women will not compromise their work for a relationship.

With social status changing, things are getting more complicated. Men who were the breadwinners, and rightly so, may compromise to take care of the family instead of going out there and earning money. The man is no longer the breadwinner; he may be staying home to take care of things.

The new sophisticated woman often see a committed relationship as a sacrifice; giving up a fun and exciting career for security. Therefore, they now be the ones “shopping” for men. Instead of having a man to come into their life, they may have a man for a supplement in their life. For such women, probably how able the man is does not matter a lot. The statements do not suggest any form of compromise or sacrifice; men is just a add-on, extra or whatever it may be called.

The trend is that more and more women are now more dominant in a lot of fields: financial, emotional, corporate, relational. Maybe so much so that the men are quickly losing their ground. Before it was the men who call the shots. Today, its not for certain who calls the shots. Perhaps now, the woman feels that she does not have to commit, and therefore compromise anymore.


Source by Sandra Christian

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