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What Are Heritage Hotels?


Heritage Hotels of India are those properties which previously were forts, palaces, mansions of the erstwhile rulers and royal families of India. They were constructed by the nobility or royalty and served as their residences. These houses, since time immemorial, have been renowned for their impeccable royal hospitality. After India attained independence, with the abolition of taxed funds to meet expenditure incurred by the royal ruler or nobles, the maintenance of such colossal properties became a tough ask. For a considerable period of time, several such properties were left to oblivion. When the importance of upholding their pride and heritage was felt, the concept of heritage hotels emerged. Though most hotels, today, are operated by the royal kin themselves, others have been managed by the major hotel chains on a lease-basis.

These heritage hotels in India still preserve these palatial homes so that they don’t lose out on their grandeur and splendor of the olden times. The elegant touch has been kept intact through traditional decor elements and original art, the delightful hospitality, the histological artefacts and some invigorating experiences.

As these Indian heritage hotels were the symbols of the royal and the wealthy, the grandeur of the architecture is maintained with ornamental balconies, expansive courtyard, large rooms, majestic suites, loyal servants, exceptionally sumptuous delicacies, etc. Cordial traditional hospitality has always been the high point since ages, and the heritage hotels in the country adhere to the rich and cultural norms and traditions.

There is an upward trend in the number of people seeking an experience that a normal hotel otherwise don’t offer. Heritage is a completely leisure segment, with high-end products. With increasing income levels, people aren’t afraid of spending a tad more on superior stay experience.

The experience at Heritage hotels is no longer restricted to simply staying at the palaces of erstwhile mighty royalty; havelis and bungalows too have their own bit of history, perhaps even more which romanticizes history, making for a broad selection of properties and budgets, let alone the experiences. Usually people travel to see these places to experience the uniqueness of the ambiance, and heritage hotels are more about the experience they offer at varying levels. Therefore, transforming storied heritage homes into super luxury hotels, for the most part, is about the striking right cord between commercial demands and conservation.

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Source by Mohan Selvaraj

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