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Orienting Your Mind on the Existence the Universe


Orienting Your Mind on the Existence the Universe

In science and non-religious history, there is incontrovertible evidence that the universe came about differently than what the Christian bible says. Academic knowledge is used in every area of the human life, from the primordial days to now. And at no time has any civilization governed themselves by a system of revelation from unknown God. Officially, it is known to us today that the vast majority of astronomers agree that our Universe began some 15,000 million years ago in a hot “Big Bang’. The evidence is doubly persuasive and there has not been any process that is known to us which disproved it.

In a nutshell one’s view of the world can only be right, when it is not mixed with religion. My research shows that religion gives people unfounded ideological foundation, on which to live their lives, through belief in a spurious God, then have faith and hope in those ideas. With that situation now in place, religion does little to advanced an individuals’ understanding in the important things to progress their lives on the intellectual front. On the other hand religion eviscerates the knowledge that should be made easily accessible to the masses.

It is fair to ask, shall we then differ our acknowledgment of parochial evidence supporting the birth of the Universe, from intelligible process to the acceptance of religious metaphysical revelation in Romans scripture? Resoundingly, I say absolutely not!

The way that the earth’s eco-system operates, is both relevant and consistent with the microwave view of astronomers, on how the Universe came to be some 15,000 to 18,000 million years ago–according book titled: The Restless Universe, by Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper, connected to professor A Boksenberg FRS Director, Royal Greenwich Observatory. But in the biblical Genesis creation account, no parochial data is given by which reference can be made and a coherent analysis leads to a common sense understanding, of the Universe’s birth and longevity as we see it today.

The bible’s rendition of the Universe’s existence is rightly questionable, of its authorship and authenticity. It is therefore impossible for any individual to get proper orientation on matters which pertains to true galactic orientation. 2012 years ago the Roman regime brought in the bible, orienting nations with an ecclesiastic and secularism system. This has mutated the primordial way of life and eliminated our cultural knowledge, thus it is imperative to re-orient our minds with authentic history.


Source by Timothy Aldred

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